Government launches ‘GST Rates Finder’ App


So, folks, welcome to our post which is all about to keep you up to date with the currents affairs. So, as you all know that our govt has launched GST for the suitability public. Today we are here to update you about the app which is known as ‘GST Rates Finder’. Below in this … Read more

Asus Zenfone 3 – The beauty of nature

Not very many individuals haven’t known about ASUS at this point. This Taiwan-based organization is one of the world’s biggest tech organizations, they’re basically known for their PCs, however, ASUS additionally makes truly smooth looking cell phones, amongst different things. The organization has presented a pack of cell phones a year ago, and the majority … Read more

Oneplus 3 Specifications and Giveaway

We need to be updated with all the upcoming gadgets which enter into this tech world. So as of now, expecting all the rumors and gossips behind Oneplus 3, we all know that it’s going to launch very soon. And yup there’s a mind-boggling response in the tech world about Oneplus upcoming gadget which is … Read more

Moto G 2016 Release Date, Specifications, and Rumours.

New Smartphones launching in India in July 201

Androidies love Motorola Smartphones for its affordable and reasonable prices. Not everyone asks the reasonable price for their products, there are only a few companies to sell with low profit to their customers. Many of us are waiting for the next generation Motorola Android smartphone, So as in the title of this article, we have … Read more

World’s cheapest Android Smartphone Ringing Bell Freedom 251 priced at 251 INR.


Ringing Bell is an Indian Cellular mobile manufacturing company which was started manufacturing their phones since 1 year. They have released 2 mobile devices with keypad buttons – they are RingingBell 4U, and RingingBell Master (these mobiles are without touch), and 2 Android Smartphones with touch displays – they are RingingBell Freedom 251 and RingingBell Smart … Read more

Best and Top 7 android apps for students.

The smartphone industry is rapidly growing and there are a lot of companies to the manufacture the best smartphones to the market. And also, there are a lot of companies and developers to code and design smartphone apps. Everything in the smartphone preinstalled and installed will come under the main category applications (apps) including games, antivirus, … Read more

ASUS Zenwatch 2 Review

ASUS is the world’s most popular and well known leading company, they produce the best products for their consumers and sell their products for a reasonable price which other big companies don’t do. In that way ASUS recently made their first generation Android Smartwatch in 2014 with the sub-branding name Zenwatch. As usual ASUS sold … Read more

Motorola Moto X Style Review

Motorola have release 3 new refreshed Moto X models in 2015 which is the successor of the 2014’s Moto X model devices, The newly released refreshed Motorola X models is better than the last year 2014’s Moto X devices with better upgrades and some bug fixes. In this article we have reviewed the Motorola Moto … Read more