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Moto G 2016 Release Date, Specifications, and Rumours.

Androidies love Motorola Smartphones for its affordable and reasonable prices. Not everyone asks the reasonable price for their products, there are only a few companies to sell with low profit to their customers. Many of us are waiting for the next generation Motorola Android smartphone, So as in the title of this article, we have written about the Motorola Moto G 2016 variant’s Release Date, Specifications, Rumors, and Price. So as I use to tell in other posts, please scroll down to see what is special in the next gen upcoming Moto G 2016 Smartphone.

Release Date of Moto G.

Motorola has not confirmed the release date of the upcoming Moto G for 2016. But we can say that like last year’s release of the previous generation Moto G Smartphone, we will have a new gen Moto G after the month of July 2016. The last year’s Moto G model (2015) priced at $179 dollars for the 8Gb variant, So as expected Motorola will slightly increase the price for the upcoming Moto G (2016) for giving new hardware and Software upgrades. The expected price range will be $200-$250 dollars for the 2016 Moto G model.

Specification and the Design of the next-gen Moto G.

CPU – As this was a Mid-Range smartphone it will have the Snapdragon 430 Processor as said by Qualcomm. Not only Moto G (2016) all the Mid-Range smartphone to be released in 2016 will have Snapdragon 430 chipset as per Qualcomm.

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Display – Last year Motorola made a 5″ inch HD display with 720p resolution for its 3rd gen Moto G (2015) model, So for sure we expect that Motorola will make a slightly larger screen with a FullHD resolution of 1080p and with a Gorilla Glass for the 2016 Moto G model.

Design – We don’t have the official picture of the Moto G4, But the leaked picture tells that this 2016 model will have a sleek or trim design. The rear camera slightly lifted up to the top of the device to make it to the higher point than the previous generation smartphone. As this was a sleek design we can say that this will be smoother to our eyes. Also, Moto G will be having good bright catchy colours along with usual stunning darken coloured variants.

Moto G 4th gen features (2016).

The exciting feature all we need is a fingerprint scanner in our smartphones, But unfortunately, we need to spend a lot of bucks to get a fingerprint scanner smartphone which also comes all the other cool features. Don’t worry if you need one because all the Moto Smartphone to be released in this year will come with a fingerprint scanner. If other Motorola’s smartphone have fingerprint scanner then this Moto G 2016 model smartphone also comes with one for sure.

Our suggestions for the upcoming Moto G model.

From out Android Mania team we are expecting that if Motorola also gives a chance for customising this Mid-Ranged smartphone with Moto Maker tool from their official site, it will be great for getting the desired custom made design like they did with the Moto X Style.

So let us know what is your suggestion for this upcoming smartphone, leave a comment below and stay tuned for other cool articles from out team.



Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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