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Facebook messenger hidden features

So guys as you all know that with the update of lots of applications for Google play store, the new FB messenger is also update and get some awesome features for you. Messenger is all about the free texting to your friends and you do not have to pay for any messages it works with your data plan. We all know FB messenger as only an audio and text messaging app but now it upgrades so much and has some really fantastic features that other application does not have. But the problem is that people still using FB messenger for text messaging only they don’t even know about the hidden features of FB messenger. So in this post we basically for those people who are still not aware of all the features of messenger we are going to update some new and latest feature.


So we wish that now you all are curious to know about all the hidden features of FB messenger from which you are till not aware. So be ready below in this article we are now going to update some hidden features of FB messenger so you all get to know about it very well.

Hidden Feature of FB Messenger!

  • The best part with the new and latest version of messenger it that now you can call you any FB friend through Messenger at free of cost and you will get all of your call histories and missed calls in one place.
  • The new feature is in latest FB messenger is that now you can not only send a message to your FB friends but also you can send a message from your contact numbers.
  • Also, FB messenger allows you to do groups chat with your friend’s circle and not only one group but now you can make different types of groups as per your need like your personal chat group, school group, and family group.
  • Now with the latest FB messenger, you can send your videos and daily snaps in just one tap. Just click on the icon of video then shoot any of your videos and send it instantly.
  • The main feature of FB messenger is its chat heads, you can even chat with your friends while using another app with chat heads.
  • Make any international call without any charger (because it works with internet and wifi network)
    Now you can sign up with multi accounts in messenger and anytime you can change your account when you want.
  • The biggest feature which is updated in this new FB messenger is that now you can play any game from messenger to messenger. This means you will never going to bore with this new feature of FB messenger by playing with your friends’ online game.
  • The best game which is mostly played by the FB messenger user is the new basketball game. You can watch this video know more or how to play basketball game.
  • Now you can set a reminder of any important time and it will inform you of time which you selected in reminder.
  • So guys her above we mentioned all the new and latest features of FB messenger which will help you to know more about this app, you can download it from Google play store it is available there.

SO guys this is the ending of this post hope you liked and understood all the above information we provide and if you have any doubt or query related to this post then contact us from our comment section we will work on it. Thank you for visiting here.

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


  1. Hi whenever i sent a message and the receiver shows a bubble with a check mark and white in the background, could it mean that person has currently switched off to another messenger account therefore the message has not been received?


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