Hello World with Android Kotlin

Hey Androiders, we are here again quite after a long time to talk about our first “Hello World” Android application with Kotlin. Here we are using Android Studio 3.0.1 to develop out Android Kotlin App. So, before we start I want you to get basic information about kotlin. Kotlin Earlier we were using Java to … Read more

Starting Android Development with Android Studio

Android Application - The Android Mania

Hello Android Explorers, here we are starting our all new Android Tutorial Series from the scratch. If you follow our all series step by steps then I am pretty sure that you will be able to Design, Develop, Debug, Test and release your android application to the largest market of android. As first thing first, … Read more

Android Architecture

Android Architecture

Android Architecture as shown in below image can be subdivided into five layers: The kernel and low level tools, native libraries, the Android Runtime, the framework layer and on top of all the applications. Green items are written in C/C++, blue items are written in Java and run in the Dalvik VM Following are the … Read more

Fragmentation of the mobile development industry

Nowadays Technological development occurs in very dynamic rates to help or to make easy our various activities. The most recent is the development of mobile application. Previous mobile were used only for such activities as are texts and calls, but now higher models of mobile phones are also good as a small PC in your … Read more

Top features of Android studio 3.0

In the Google I/O Keynote engineer gathering on seventeenth May 2017, notwithstanding a few different declarations, it has additionally disclosed about Android Studio 3.0, the most recent rendition of incorporated advancement condition (IDE), particularly for the Android stage. The key concentration of this new form of Android Studio is to quicken the stream of application … Read more

Elements of a Successful Android App


We’ve talked about how to develop an Android app several times here on The Android Mania. Thanks to the best development platforms and APIs available today, developing your own Android app is far from difficult. In fact, you can develop your own app as long as you know HTML5 and have the right framework, to … Read more

Android Toast Example

According to real time scenario our application should give proper information to user, so that they can find our application somewhat user friendly. There are so many things that should keep in mind while developing any application for better response like, designing UI, speed of execution, alert types, providing information to the user that what … Read more

Android’s Simple Hello World!

“Hello World!” is the Simplest Program in every programming language. It was first introduce in BCPL programming While C was under Development. The Author of that programming language wanted to Print Some Greeting in his first programs and they seems to print “hi” is somewhat short word on the terminal, so the phrase “hello, world!” … Read more