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Top features of Android studio 3.0

In the Google I/O Keynote engineer gathering on seventeenth May 2017, notwithstanding a few different declarations, it has additionally disclosed about Android Studio 3.0, the most recent rendition of incorporated advancement condition (IDE), particularly for the Android stage.

The key concentration of this new form of Android Studio is to quicken the stream of application improvement and offer the best instruments constructed utilized for the Android. It includes three key elements, for example, a most recent arrangement of application execution profiling instruments helpful to analyze the execution issues quickly, for enormous measured application ventures – support Gradle fabricate speeds and the Kotlin programming dialect bolster.

Features of Android Studio

The most recent Android Studio 3.0 unequivocally incorporated with the Android Development stage having exceptional components, for example, Instant App advancement bolster, Android O improvement new Wizards, involves Google Play Store in the Android O Emulator framework pictures and a few more. This Android Studio 3.0, the principal canary discharge includes more than 20 effective elements as takes after:

Support for Kotlin Programming Language

Support for Kotlin Programming LanguageAs IDE has expanded help for this new programming dialect Kotlin, designers can include Kotlin code into their current Android application. With the assistance of inherent transformation instrument to change over Java record into Kotlin document or engineer can likewise choose to build up a venture utilizing a Kotlin with the assistance of another venture wizard. In the present day, Kotlin is one of the rising programming dialects and its origin with Android Studio turns out to be for sure an extraordinary declaration.

Enhanced Layout Editor

You will discover greater progression in the Layout Editor in this new arrival of Android Studio. You will get a propelled segment tree having great intuitive view addition and in addition another board for mistake. In addition, in a joint effort with ConstraintLayout refresh, the Layout Editor bolsters making gatherings, see hindrances and enhances chain manifestations.

Support for Java 8 Language Features

In Android Studio, you approach a few elements like moment Run for ventures with the Java 8 dialect highlights. You can refresh your venture keeping in mind the end goal to get the new Java 8 Language toolchain bolster; it’s required to refresh the source and Target Compatibility level to 1.8 in your Project Structure Dialog.

Android Things Support

Utilizing another layout sets in your new venture wizard and the new Module wizard utilizing the Android Studio 3.0, you would now be able to start to create on Android Things. It gives you a chance to broaden your insight into Android application improvement into the class of Internet of Things (IoT) gadget.

Versatile Icon Wizard

Versatile launcher symbols present by Android O can show in various shapers in various gadgets of Android. Utilizing the wizards, it permits making the new launcher symbol resources and empowers you to see looks of versatile symbols on various launcher screen symbol veils. You can make another advantage just by right snap your mouse on the/res organizer in the venture and after that explore to – > New – > Image Asset – > Launcher Icons (Adaptive and Legacy).

XML Fonts and Downloadable Fonts

In Android Studio, it ends up noticeably basic with the XML textual styles review and textual style choice devices to include custom text styles in your Android O application. What’s more, it additionally considers your application to make a downloadable text style asset. It causes you to keep away from the need of including a textual style asset in your APK. You simply need to ensure that your emulator or a gadget is running Google Play Services v11.2.63 or higher.

Refresh of IntelliJ Platform

Android Studio 3.0 Canary 1 that incorporates the Intellij 2017.1 discharge. It contains a few components including Java 8 dialect refactoring, semantic highlighting, parameter clues, upgraded adaptation control seek, draggable breakpoints, and numerous others.

Moment App Support

It makes conceivable to make moment applications in your venture utilizing Android Studio 3.0. Moment application is fundamentally lightweight applications that assistance clients to run quickly without introducing it. With a specific end goal to help this, two new module sorts are presented by Android Studio including moment application and highlight. You can expand your application into a moment application by consolidating with the App Links Assistant and another “Modularize” refactoring activity. For utilizing it, you have to utilize the New Module Wizard or you can right tap on a class and explore to: Refactor → Modularize.

Build Speed Improvements

This new discharge has concentrated for the most part on enhancing pace of undertakings include numerous modules. Keeping in mind the end goal to help future advancement and accomplish speed upgrades, it has rolled out breaking API improvements to the Android Gradle module. You should make approve similarity utilizing the new module and move relevant APIs, in the event that you relied upon APIs given by the past module. For testing it, in your build.gradle document, refresh the module variant.

Google’s Maven Repository

Now the Android Support Library Maven conditions wind up plainly appropriated outside of the Android SDK Manager as a fresh out of the box new Maven archive. For creating with a Continuous Integration (CI) framework, it empowers Maven reliance administration more straightforward. Building CI turns out to be anything but difficult to deal with Google’s Maven Repository by utilizing as a part of blend with the charge line SDK chief instrument and Gradle. (You have to include https://maven.google.com to your application module’s build.gradle record keeping in mind the end goal to utilize the new Maven area).

Google Play System Images

With a refresh of Android Emulator O framework picture that incorporate the Google Play Store, it makes conceivable to do end-to-end application testing with Google Play and furthermore empowers to stay up with the latest in your Android Virtual Device (AVD) all the more advantageously. As your physical gadgets refreshes by Google Play benefits, similar updates you can trigger on your AVDs.

Android Emulator Get Supports of OpenGL ES 3.

Notwithstanding enhanced form speeds, this new component makes the application improvement lifecycle effective and shorter. For old emulator framework pictures, it offers noteworthy improvements in OpenGL ES 2.0 designs execution. Bug report creating winds up noticeably less complex alongside an overhauled UI require for intermediary settings. The most recent and enhanced rendition of the Android Emulator supportive in making process for application testing proficient and staying up with the latest.

Enhanced APK Debugging

Android application engineers who need to troubleshoot an APK without building up their venture utilizing Android Studio; it ends up plainly conceivable to investigate a self-assertive APK with this new form. It is extremely helpful for the individuals who had create Android C++ code in some other advancement stage, yet needs to troubleshoot and break down the APK utilizing the Android Studio. You can utilize this new APK investigating highlight keeping in mind the end goal to break down, profile and troubleshoot the APK, in the event that you have a debuggable adaptation of your APK.

Moreover, you can likewise get to the wellsprings of your APK; connect the sources to the APK troubleshooting stream to make the investigating procedure high-devotion. You can begin it just by choosing investigate APK or profile from the Welcome Screen or File of Android Studio – > Profile or Debug APK.

Gadget File Explorer

The new gadget record traveler enables clients to see the document and registry structure of emulator or your Android Device. With testing your application, you can likewise adjust application information documents and review rapidly in Android Studio.

Critical Improvement in Layout Inspector

It makes simple to troubleshoot your application design issues. The change incorporates gathering of properties into basic classes. Furthermore, look usefulness in Properties Panels and the View Tree.

APK Analyzer Improvements

The APK Analyzer involves new noteworthy elements. Keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the APK measure with the assistance of breaking down Instant App compress documents and AARs, see dex bytecode of classes and techniques.

Android Profiler

You will get constant information for your application’s memory, system and CPU action when you send your application to an emulator or a running gadget utilizing these new profiling devices. You can make test based process following to time your code execution, see memory allotment and also catch load dumps and examine the system transmitted document subtle elements.


With the accessibility of this most recent variant Android Studio 3.0, it has made a few open doors for Android engineers by offering a few new components helpful to make improvement quick, proficient, form application intensely and make the troubleshoot procedure advantageous and a few more.

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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