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16 Unavoidable Android Apps for Bloggers


Blogging is quite a regular activity these days. Moreover, blogs are the pivots of people’s secret stories. Android app development is becoming loaded with a plethora of applications. Applications like writing, photo saving apps, blogging are available to make the blogging easier and convenient. Of course, then it becomes a chore to choose among a hefty amount of apps. Many of them are just replicas of a real idea and may just waste your precious time. Below we have finished the most useful task for you by listing the applications which can make the blogging whole lot easier than imagined.

Certainly, with a smartphone in hand, you just need an idea to manifest. Why not use the handiest tool instead of a heavy and outdated computer.  To give a helping hand to the aspiring bloggers, we have prepared the list of best blogging android apps.  We are starting with the not-so-obvious ones!


It is purely like having Google Analytics at your palms. Certainly, the application helps in monitoring the most considerable factors such as page views, visitors, traffics, users and sessions. Google analytic android app serves as a perfect alternative for this.



Blogger Android app

Blogger is quite an option to handle, edit and publish the blog posts on your blog. This is one of the most usable applications in the list of Android apps for bloggers. You can keep a healthy touch with your blog activities and stats with this application. The application can be most useful to keep a track of the blog activities.



One other handy application for the aspiring bloggers can be BlogPost, which summarizes multiple blog activities into one. There are bloggers who want blogpost, WordPress and live journal together. BlogPost is the platform which allows you to manage and handle various features for your blogs at one spot. Features like texts, aligns and lists are put together to make it possible to embed pictures, videos and many other things at a single platform.



A blog writer needs something very handy to keep a flow of their ideas. The writer is one such android application which helps you to make notes, stories, and novels with the application. The application explains itself as, “Writer tries to be as basic as possible, giving you somewhere to turn your thoughts into text, markdown, support, and statistics. Nothing more.Nothing less.”



Evernote does more than it seems to be doing. Not just for screen shots and notes, but it also allows you to create handwritten notes. Evernote is a great help when you want to take the screenshots, jot down the notes, conducting powerful searches and making a focused workspace for you. You can also move on to many premium features, to make your application the most usable. The desktop version is irreplaceable and now the android application is commendable.

Photo Editor


Google play store is loaded with photography editing applications. Keeping all aside, Photo editor is unique and provides you more than needed. You can effectively crop the images, edit them, rotate them and also fix the colour schemes.

Google Drive

google drive

The best thing about Google Drive is, it is free and provides a healthy space to store the files, images, videos and many other things. On this, you can upload up to 15 GB data, which is surely not a loot deal. Also, uploaded files can be used and shared anywhere on the web space.


pocket app

Pocket is quite a blessing for those who lack the availability of a lot of free time. At times, when you cannot read a complete article, you can save it for later read. The application shows you the articles, which you wanted to read later. This provides you an offline reading space.


pingdom app

Pingdom provides a helping hand while you want to monitor your sites for uptime and down time. The application will show effective statistics of your blog while you install the application for keeping a track. It’s an important tool for every web owner and makes an important point in the list of preferred applications for bloggers. You can also hire android app development services for custom app development as per your own need.

Facebook Pages Manager

facebook pages manager

A blog and Facebook page go hand in hand. Facebook is the best platform to broadcast about your latest posts, pictures, and videos. Your Facebook page can be effectively managed from your phone with this application. Activities like posts, pages, status, and messages can be effectively looked after with the help of this android app. The application can be handled with the help of Facebook web pages.



Flipboard keeps you updated with the latest stories, videos, images, and news. This is the best ways keep you upraised with the all-round news. The platform is also much like a social platform, wherein, you can stay connected with your friend’s posts.

Buffer App

buffer app

Post sharing on all the social sites becomes quite intimidating many times. Sharing posts on the social platforms such as LinkedIn, Fb, Twitter and Google+ is as important as posting them. The “Buffer App” is a lucrative tool which provides the solution for bulk sharing of the fresh posts across all the social media platforms.


wordpress app

WordPress is amongst the most sought after Android apps which help you to write, edit and publish the fresh posts. The website stats, usage, and behaviours can be tracked easily with this application.

Swiftkey keyboard


The keyboard application is a handy tool for writing and also getting word prediction. The keyboard is teamed up with all useful emoji, layouts, and various languages. The keyboard is also very usable in normal keyboard activities.



No, any other application can replace this useful tool getting the word meanings. The application is equipped with more than 20 lakh word definitions. Also, it provides some of the key features such as phrases, word origin, history, search, and abbreviations. What could be handier for a regular blogger, then this much faster dictionary application?

Installing these applications is highly recommended for any full-time blogger. The applications are the handy tools, which keep your blog up to mark with all the needed updates.

Mridul Kabrahttps://theninehertz.com/
Mridul Kabra is a TEDx speaker on the topic of Digital Marketing. He is the Digital Marketing Head at Nine Hertz and Quadrigo. As a Digital Marketing Trainer, he has trained at prestigious institutions like IITs and NITs in India.


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