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Best Android Apps for Teachers

Hello, readers, welcome to our blog in which we are going to mention about such Android apps for teachers.  As we all know guys that technology is taking a step forward every day and even everyone in this world faithful for technology. Like as technology grown up day by day its uses also increasing day by day. Even uses of technology in studies also increasing with the increasing level of studies. The teacher now a day believe that students must get the knowledge in an advanced way so, students will not get bored while studies.

In this article, we will let you know about android applications for teacher. These apps can help teachers to teach students properly without letting them bore. Below we have compiled the list of top android apps for teachers:-

Kahoot app

This is first in our list and one of the good android app for teachers. Teachers should have the capability to change a boring chapter into an interesting task to give motivation to their students, but not every teacher has this skills. Regard of this application, Kahoot which makes it simple to change your boring classes a game show. You can use this application by just entering the question you want to ask your students with their answers and then this app will change this task into a game instantly.

Teach Learn Lead app

Second in our list is Teach Learn Lead App which is like teacher same like you and also can teach the same subject or course as you. Teach Learn Lead is like social media app for teachers, where the teacher gets the chance to meet other minded colleagues and from anywhere from the same country but with the same experience to share with you. With the use of this application, you can discuss the plan or any other advice about teaching skills.

Classtree app

Third android application for teacher is Classtree, Finding the perfect way to teach your students in class is the difficult task but with the help of Classtree, you can solve this issue. This app connects you with the parents of students and simply inform parents for the upcoming event or anything else you want to inform them. Classtree allows you to attach with the parents to re-sign with the announcement. This app is also helpful for if you want to know that exactly who has seen your given note and also who signed on it.

Additio app

This is fourth on our list which is just awesome android application for teacher that make your effort less toward taking register with you. Now you don’t need to keep attendance record, marks, or notes in register or notebooks that may be misplaced. With the help of this app, you can start digital grade book and it is also like a class management app, that record your every event. Additio allows you to take attendance, plan your timetable and calculate marks, all in your pocket with this amazing app.

SO, guys, these are the top android app for the teacher that might be helpful for every teacher in around. You can download any of these applications according to your need or convenience. For knowing about the android application for students you can visit our homepage.

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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