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How Android Changing Life Of College Students

When you owned a smartphone for the first time in your life, do you remember that you were not able to stop grinning when you watched the small phone performing great tasks? But, you might have had this feeling only for a shorter period as phones get slow quickly. When this happens, suddenly the joy of using the phone becomes a chore. Of course, this will not happen in a single night. However, there are good many reasons why many people these days are changing their smartphones every year or two.

Changing Life Of College Students

The ruling of Android:

With the ever-increasing competition, Android operating system is highly popular because droid phones are comparatively affordable as compared to phones with other operating systems. As a college student, you might be using your Android phone effectively. You might have experienced at many instances your phone has helped a lot with your studies. You can do certain simple tweaks to improve the phone’s speed like removing unwanted applications, to speed up your phone. It will be back again with the same speed. Being a college student, you might be aware of how Android is bringing many good changes to the lives of college students. If you are not fully aware, just read on to find whether you actually make your phone, the friendly device for you to ease your college life:

To capture your lectures:

Yes, do you know that many students are using their Droid phone to record the lectures? Rather than taking down huge essays, they just record the lectures. They are able to just listen back to the lecture in the case of any doubts arising in their revision process. Do you use your phone for this purpose? If not, just take a note of it and enjoy the best benefits.

For revision:

Not just for recording, students are using their Android for revision as well. Yes, they revise by listening to the lectures that they have previously recorded. In addition, they use their Droid phone to take a copy of notes, which in turn helps them to revise the chapters.

To prepare for examinations:

Nowadays, during their college life or for entering the college, students will have to take many entrance tests. They will have to take the appropriate test based on the course for which they wish to get admission. For instance, they prepare for tests like GMAT, GRE, LSAT, etc. Using the internet connection facility in Droid phones, students are able to prepare for these competitive examinations. They do this by taking mock tests through their smartphone. Also, there are many apps available in Google Play Store to help with such preparations like bank exam preparation tips.

For planning:

When a student reaches the university level education, you know that organizing is the key to succeed. This is where Android phones are helping students through student planner applications. This type of app besides helping with planning also helps with saving on the paper. Also, these applications provide reminders and alerts to students directly on their phone. If you are yet to use such an application, just find one to make organizing tasks easier in your college life.

For personal safety:

If you are a girl, you must be aware of your personal safety and you should of course, be conscious about it. Your Android phone can ensure your safety. There are personal safety applications for android phones that can be used by girls both on and off campus. They can get this safety by connecting themselves to their close friends. Also, the GPS tracking feature on your phone, will help your friends know your exact location. So, as a girl the ability of finding someone to help will always count.

To stay fit:

In addition to helping them with their studies, Android phones are also helping students to keep a track on their fitness levels. They can go for Android applications that will record their physical activities. Even, there are applications that will suggest them about the moves to make in the exercise regimen to achieve the fitness levels they dream to achieve for a longer period.

For health eating:

Not just regular physical activities, but there are Android applications that will help students to keep track on their eating habits. If a student struggles with binge eating, he/she can get out of the same with the suggestions given by this type of applications that can be customized to each user according to his/her needs.

Words handy:

In addition, you can rely on dictionary applications or the web browser on your Android phone to learn new words. Learning new words will help with improving your vocabulary. This, in turn, will help you with your future competitive examinations. You might take many recruitment examinations, where you will find the applications highly helpful.


Android phones are simply ruling the world with the best features. They are affordable as compared to other brands. So, bring about great changes in your life by immediately shopping or an Android phone, it will add value for your student-life.

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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