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Android Apps for Bloggers Which makes Happy Blogging

Bloggers are so addicted to their blogging work. People should share more and more information which will be use full to others. There are plenty of android apps for bloggers which will help them to keep Blogging activities continue on the move. Bloggers can choose any of them and keep themselves busy with updating.apps for bloggerhttps://www.theandroid-mania.com/category/reviews/http://


WordPress app is helping user to post live from android phone. Bloggers who are seriously addicted to posting long blog post will enjoy their work by using this app. App will facilitate user by providing facilities like create new blog post, edit older one, reply to comments, edit your pictures and videos, handle different pages. User can even find statistical data of visitors. There is one reader option which helping user to follow blogs and its update.
[marketcontainer appname=’WordPress’ appdev=’ Automattic, Inc ‘ fullstar=4 halfstar=’false’ offstar=1 appid=’org.wordpress.android’ appimg=’https://lh6.ggpht.com/R1XiZQk5LhoqVQ4xi4hiVDx81ioZcGiWDBYS_ebyD1vJ_Lkkfr8SI0FEavZoKepaImg=w300′]


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Google is providing free service for blogging. User of Bloggers can access this service by android app of Blogger which will allow user to create new post and share it live. Draft system allows saving their unpublished post to their account. User can even access previously published or saved post by this app. User can use multiple accounts and made changes to different databases with different accounts.
[marketcontainer appname=’Blogger’ appdev=’Google Inc.’ fullstar=4 halfstar=’false’ offstar=1 appid=’com.google.android.apps.blogger’ appimg=’https://lh4.ggpht.com/Av1ChCz8qIHLTtuMVI2b2u5M-wYmD5jExohP3fvh4X11vkMvTobt–6gb0gNHl46alE=w300′]


For new and passionate bloggers tumblr provide excellent easy way to make your post reach to number of users. Tumblr do provide easy way to publish image, text, videos and links. Reblogging is so easy like clicking only one button and job done. It is also socially connected via twitter. Dashboard is so easy to learn that any new user will not find any difficulties in using it. We can even use multiple accounts and handle the databases while using android app of Tumblr.

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[marketcontainer appname=’Tumblr’ appdev=’Tumblr Inc.’ fullstar=4 halfstar=’false’ offstar=1 appid=’com.tumblr’ appimg=’https://lh4.ggpht.com/qL8WP8bO7qViEkxwTXYGzroI-U1JPkRwRv3YylZM8mvmrAdnKaAdgaNW2SFvZEfH1ic=w300′]


New and innovative platform for bloggers is flipboard. Users can share their view while they are on move through their android app of flipboard. Bloggers can browse for their interest and can republish it even. Users found using this app for searching usual topics which helps them in their regular life. There is also freedom of using multiple accounts and uses any of it at any time and any place.
[marketcontainer appname=’Flipboard’ appdev=’Flipboard’ fullstar=4 halfstar=’false’ offstar=1 appid=’flipboard.app’ appimg=’https://lh4.ggpht.com/bT2W_cLEBJ58KwL3F9N3FfecplkcC4RaB-OFpA120dp8MBfiHOo6W0yXhaY6I5yD7Ck=w300′]

Google Drive

Bloggers do have lots of data which they found using it in different way. Some data need in future which needs to keep it secure in presence. Security on flash drive is not as much as high as required and people do even lost flash drives or problem of theft is also a painful. Google provide some innovative app for storing data on cloud. This app is Google drive which allow to store data of 15 grand account holder of Google account can access it from any end of internet. User can share even such kind of docs through Google drive to the person which are decided by authorized user. This is secure, easy and mostly free service which do blogger user in their day to day work.
[marketcontainer appname=’Google Drive’ appdev=’Google Inc.’ fullstar=4 halfstar=’false’ offstar=1 appid=’com.google.android.apps.docs’ appimg=’https://lh6.ggpht.com/k7Z4J1IIXXJnC2NRnFfJNlkn7kZge4Zx-Yv5uqYf4222tx74wXDzW24OvOxlcpw0KcQ=w300′]

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Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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