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5 Best Free Spy Apps For Android Device

We wrote about Android apps make You Smarter in front of iOS previously and it is about time to list down some more spy apps for Android Device.

Cell Tracker

Use Cell Tracker app to keep track of the location of your cell. Track all the locations you have visited in the last few days with your Android phone. To check the locations visited you have to launch the app and click on “View Now”. No need to turn on the GPS. This application works even without GPS. The application collects location info once every 0.5 hours through GPRS/Wi-Fi and hence the impact on battery is minimal.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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Sneaky Cam

Choose and fix a background of your choice to show when Sneaky Cam is on. The background image can be a browser or even a shot of a music player. Simply touching the screen after opening the app is sufficient to take the pic! The user will see a notification saying ‘Picture taken!’. The photos can be accessed from the gallery on the phone.

Sneaky Camera Detect
Sneaky Camera Detect
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Spy Toolkit

A collection of 7 essential bits of spy supplies for everything from encoding messages to circumspectly irritating a room. Key features of Spy Toolkit are Security, Flashlight, Diversion, Cipher Maker, Bug, Camera, Morse Code.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Night Vision Spy Camera

Ever wanted to take photos but couldn’t because there was not enough light? Now you can with this free app. This application maximizes your device camera in the dark! Automatic adjustment of image parts to improve visibility in low light conditions. This app lets you see in the dark! Take photos even in low light environments. You will find this app very useful. It’s free! You can always use this app just for creating cool looking photos.

Night Vision Video Recorder
Night Vision Video Recorder
Developer: ZApps2
Price: Free+

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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