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Android apps make You Smarter in front of iOS

Before the birth of Android Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Whats App its seems like all tha great applications available on iOS. Some application launched on Android first and have yet to make their way to iOS. Now Android users are first to experience the latest games.
Here i listed few Android apps make you smarter in front of iOS


Best app to copy media to any Android phone! No more connecting to stupid iTunes. And it is all wireless! It can not get any better than this! This single app made my conversion from iOS to Android 100% worthwhile. With AirDroid, you don’t even need to touch your phone in order to use it. The app lets you access your phone remotely by going to and scanning the QR code on the page.

ASTRO File Manager

The application even has a memory manager so you can see which applications are consuming the most space on your telephone so you can address them as needs be. You can additionally utilize Astro File Manager to go down your applications (and their information) to your Microsd card—convenient on the off chance that you have to reset your apparatus or switch to another one.

Astro File Manager

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is an amazing app and I highly recommend a download. The free version is good by itself but would recommend the paid version because it offers much more customization. The app makes it easy to change your app icons, app drawer, and home-screen animations to something more in line with your artistic vision, and there are plenty of premade themes available on the Play Store

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is still much faster for swiping as it is much more accurate and natural. But if you type instead of swipe, then this keyboard is the best you can find because of its strong prediction feature. Ultimate flow experience with brilliant prediction provides amazing keyboard experience. After update hangout issue got resolved.


Crafty Apps EU

Tasker helps make your Android device really feel savvy. The application gives you a chance to make profiles that immediately execute certain undertakings when particular criteria are met. Case in point, you can have your telephone immediately start the music application when you connect to earphones, or have your telephone quiet itself when you get to the workplace. There’s truly no restriction to the sorts of profiles you can make, and there are whole sites devoted to Tasker profiles in the event that you’re not up to the assignment of making one yours.

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