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Best and Top 7 android apps for students.

The smartphone industry is rapidly growing and there are a lot of companies to the manufacture the best smartphones to the market. And also, there are a lot of companies and developers to code and design smartphone apps. Everything in the smartphone preinstalled and installed will come under the main category applications (apps) including games, antivirus, music apps, video apps, chat apps, and news apps etc… In this article, we’ll be sharing the Top and Best 7 Android apps for students.


Top 7 Android Apps for Students.

7. My calc (Free)

My Calc app is nothing but a traditional calculator inside a smartphone. But, still you have more additional calculation features than a traditional calculator have. The additional calculation features include Scientific Calculation (this feature allows you to calculate the trigonometric, Exponential Algorithmic Calculations including), Currency Calculation (uses the internet for getting the current currency value for calculation),  Tip Calculation (this allows you to calculate the tip you need to spend on your lunch or dinner in a restaurant for thanking your waitperson), Percent Calculation (calculating the percentage in a easy manner). That’s all with My Calc Android App.

6. Electro Droid (Free and purchase Pro for full features).

Electro Droid is the must have app for Android using student which helps you with all the main subjects. This app helps you with the main subjects like physics, and computer science (mainly helps with referring the electronic tools). I mean that it have calculators as the first tab for calculators like Resistor Color Code, Lookup Resistor Color by Value and much more calculation can be done with this app. Not only the calculators it also has other tabs likes Pin-Outs (can refer all type of posts, and slots of computer and other tech stuff), Resources (other hardware references), and Plugins(to install recommended plugins). This app also has the Pro version, if you need all the features of that app you can go on with Electro Droid Pro.

5. Google Drive (Free with app purchases)

Google Drive is the best for cloud storage among college students because it let you upload any file type and access at any time with the help of internet. This has the limit of 15GB free cloud storage and needs to upgrade for uploading more than the limit of cloud storage. This can be accessed with any device like computers or in a smartphone. Allows multiple users to access the same file for editing, viewing and downloading purposes. You don’t need to worry about emailing big files with your friends or mates because you can upload any big files to your Google Drive account and share the file with any people around the globe.

4. Office Suit + PDF Editor (Free with App Purchase).

Office Suit + PDF Editor is one of the best-developed android application with an easy desktop-like user interface which allows the student or user to use the app instantly without reading the user manual for the understanding purpose. This app is just like the Microsoft’s Office software on your PC which allows you to read, edit, create new documents and other file types. Office Suit almost has all the type of supported files like DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM, PDF ( Including PDF Camera Scanning option and Exporting to PDF file ). This app also supports complete Cloud service support for storing and downloading the project file created by the user. This app allows the student or user to signup through Facebook, Google account or Official mailing service to have a separate login information with a username and a password for syncing their account between all the other devices owned by the user.

This app has the best features like advanced editing tools (allows you to edit the document in your desired way with all the usability that an editor needs), Spell checker (make your words without mistakes and sentence without grammar errors), Predictive keyboard, Track Changes Support, and with an integration of Oxford Dictionary plugin (for checking an alternate or relevant words, meanings and antonyms). And presentation editing features like Complete Formatting Control, Integrate Images Perfectly, also allows to Exporting to a PDF File, and File Encryption with Digital Signatures.

As they told in the advertisement this is more than an Office App. That’s why they added an additional feature of PDF Editor. You can download the document reader.

3. Cam Scanner(Free with App Purchases).

Cam Scanner is one of the best Android App for scanning a document with the camera. This app was more helpful to the students because of its possibilities for taking quick notes by scanning a whole blackboard of from a notebook without writing it in a paper for an hour. what you all need to do with this app is open the cam Scanner app and scan the whole (or) part of the needed document and just tap the camera icon on the screen to render the scanned document into a readable document file. Also, this app allows the user or student to share the document through the cloud, or else you can protect your scanned document by encrypting it with a password. You can Sign up for syncing with other devices you own with the same sign-up process.

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2. My Study Life (Free)

My Student Life is the best app for scheduling and managing your day as this helps for students, lecturers and teachers. This app will remind you what tasks you have to do and what is overdue in your schedule. This app has some cool tabs like Today(Reminds you to haw many classes and exams you have), Tasks(Reminds you tasks you have due tomorrow and tasks overdue), Classes(Reminds how many classes you have tomorrow and classes have tasks due), Exams( Reminds you the exams in the next 7 upcoming days and incomplete revision tasks due). This app will more helpful if you have a busy study life which makes you need to take some notes and reminder for remembering you schedules.

1. Udemy (Free with App Purchases).

Udemy is the best app for education which helps anybody to choose and learn courses with paid or free. This app has a lot of courses online which is for different level peoples like a beginner, intermediate, Expert level, and all the levels combine in a course and categorised as All level learning course. This also has the signup feature for switching between devices with the same login information. You can purchase your desired course y using your google wallet account. You can stream or download the entire purchased or free video course without any interruption with the app. This app has a very simple User interface and simple tabs like On Sale(This tab shows the selling courses and its offer), New (shows the newly launched courses), Categories (shows and let you switch between different categories). If you need to learn a lot as a college student than I would personally recommend this app as I have used a lot of time. 
Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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