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Best LAN Games for Android

In this article, we are going to share you about top 7 Best LAN Games for Android. LAN Games are nothing but playing games with your friends or the person next to you with a single android device or both having a different android device to play at the same time via Local Area Connection. There are also other platforms like Windows Phone and IOS for playing LAN Games, But Android have a lot of Games for playing multiplayer via offline (or) a Local connection.  So we have listed the Top 7 Best LAN Games for Android Platform below. 


Top 5 Best LAN Games for Android Smartphone.

Badland (Free with in-app purchase).

Badland is a single player and LAN multiplayer game which is a award winning game and got two awards in 2012 ( Best Project in Game Connection Europe 2012, and SCEE Award in Game Connection Europe 2012) and got award in 2013 (Nordic Indie Sensation Award in Nordic Game 2013) and selected for Indie Games in PAX 10 2013. This is a side-scrolling action adventure game with 100 unique gaming levels for single player. 23 gaming levels for LAN Multiplayer up to 4 players, also they advertised for more updates in the feature for this game. This Awesome game is only available for Android Smartphones, Android Tablets and Android Smart Televisions. In my opinion, I will highly recommend this game for its uniqueness and I can’t tell the sweetness of this game with my words which mean Badland was simply awesome. Just go and have a try you will surely love the game.

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BOMB SQUAD (Free with in-app purchase).

Bomb Squad is a side-scrolling funny adventures game and developed by Eric Froemling. This game can be played with 8 players via LAN or networked multiplayer connection. What you all need to do in this game is to defeat your opponent enemies with a different type of bomb attacks. Also, the in-game characters can be modified and customized as per our needs with power, accuracy, and stealth. As this game have bombs in it that doesn’t mean it was a violating game, this is a humorous game with funny voices and funny defeating sounds and with some good and speed violin music. If you are a fan of Despicable Me movie’s minion characters then you will surely like this game characters as well and will addict to this game. So just get addict to this game for having some funny moments.

Battle Slimes (Free)

Battle Slimes is a one of the best LAN multiplayer game which allows 4 players at a time to play offline with your local connection or you can play as a single player against the computer. You need to play as the little slimes and this game best suits for those gamers who like the 90’s period games because this game doesn’t use much graphics and uses an 8-bit gaming graphics. Yes, exactly like the Super Mario gaming graphics. But in this game, you have only one button control`to play this game by jumping. You can also use more power-ups for protecting from attack and to battle your friends. I personally love this game for its chip music which is an old school music as I am a 90’s gaming kid. This game is for everyone without any restriction like free for in-app purchases. So go and get the game straight out of the play store and go gaming.

Minecraft Pocket Edition (paid game for $7 dollars).

Minecraft Pocket Edition is developed by Mojang and the Android version of this game was released on October/ 7th/ 2011. Minecraft was currently available for all type of consoles, and PC’s. But all type of Smartphones and Tablets has a separate category and named it as Minecraft Pocket Edtion. All you need to do is connect the WiFi router with your friends to play in a LAN multiplayer mode and there is no need of connecting the WiFi router to the internet. You may all know that what is this game and what the protagonist do in this game. All you need to do is Build or Break and do it for your lifetime which means there are no limits to end this games. You can build you own society with the beautiful garden, parks, police station, and many more. Even though this game is an 8-bit version game all gamers love to play this game, there is no reason to hate. Don’t think there is no mission other than building and breaking, still you need to survive and protect your city at the night time from the scary Zombies. For me, it’s worth spending some dollars for this game and also you need to do some in-app purchases if needed for you.

Edge of the World (Free with in-app purchases)

Edge of the game is developed by Central Core Studios and this is a ship shuffleboard game. You can play this game in an offline LAN multiplayer mode with you nearby friend or play in a single player mode or else turn on and connect to the internet to play with international players. All you need to do in this game is to aim and launch the ship to the edge of the world or else you can aim at other ships to defeat them and put them out of the edge of the world to win the game. There are five choices of ships and captains to play with. Each of the captains has their own special power to defend, defeat and win the game. This game is exactly like a physical carrom game which is likely to give more patience and concentration power for the player.




Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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