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ASUS Zenwatch 2 Review

ASUS is the world’s most popular and well known leading company, they produce the best products for their consumers and sell their products for a reasonable price which other big companies don’t do. In that way ASUS recently made their first generation Android Smartwatch in 2014 with the sub-branding name Zenwatch. As usual ASUS sold their first generation android Zenwatch for a good reasonable price while comparing to other big branding companies Android Smartwatch price.


After the successor of the 1st gen ASUS Smartwatch in 2014, they made their 2nd gen Android Zenwatch in the year 2015. In this article we have reviewed the ASUS Zenwatch 2, which is the best selling and best android smartwatch for a reasonable price in the market. So let’s read about the device what all it have more than its predecessor model. previously we reviewed asus product Asus Zenfone 5

ASUS Zenwatch 2 – Design

ASUS made two variants of Zenwatch 2 smartwatches, the 45mm model with 1.45″ inch (or) 37mm AMOLED Display for girls and 49mm model with 1.63″ inch (or) 41mm AMOLED Display for boys. This smartwatch is made with good quality stainless steel which make it premium and also ASUS gave limited colour choices for this android wear’s case. The limited colours includes Silver, Gunmetal, and Rose Gold.

Looking around the Zenwatch 2

The Display and the top side view– As this smartwatch got two size models, the smaller model got a 1.45″ inch curved AMOLED Display having 280 x 280 resolution with 273 PPI, and the bigger model got a 1.63″ inch curved AMOLED Display having 320 x 320 resolution with 278 PPI. And both of these models are protected with curved Gorilla glass 3. The cool thing is that if you tap on the screen it will light up and shows the time or if you get the watch to the glance by raising your hand it again lights up and shows the time and notification. After showing up the time and notification it will vibrate and turns the back-lightning screen off while reaching the time-out period. Even you can turn off the back-lightning by covering your palm on the screen. This smartwatch don’t comes with the proximity sensor like most of the smartwatches, so for sure you need to adjust the brightness manually after owning this Zenwatch 2 smartwatch.

The bezels of the display are large and not thin like other expensive smartwatches. If you don’t care about the bezels of this smartwatch then you will surely love this Zenwatch 2 with a adorable low budget price.

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At the right side of the Zenwatch 2 it have a traditional crown button which allows you to turn it on or off by a long press and also works as a home button to the device. As this was a new age smartwatch you can’t able to dial the crown to change the time. And at the left side it have a small hole which have the microphone to communicate with the device to do things with speech recognition.

At the back side it have the branding logo ASUS Zenwatch 2 and below that it have the main magnetic charging connect for quick charging with the unique charging adapter. The company made this magnetic charging connect to make this smartphone water resistance with IP67 certification, Not only water proof this also have the power of dust resistance.

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Looking at the watch band sides – these watch bands are easily removable and can be easily changed to a desired new watch band, This is the very easiest thing made by ASUS to a smartwatch which allows to change the watch band without getting the smartwatch to a watch mechanic. Also ASUS made a lot of designs to the watch bands which sold separately. As this have two different sized smartwatches, the bigger model takes the 22mm bands and the smaller model watch takes the 18mm bands. You cab grab your desired watch band with plastic (or) leather (or) the stunning metallic stainless steel bands.

ASUS Zenwatch 2 – Add-On apps for customizing the Smartwatch

Asus made two apps for your Android or IOS smartphones for customizing the Zenwatch 2 face. The two software are the Zenwatch manager app and the Face designer app.

Zenwatch Manager app – ASUS made this awesome application for personalizing the Zenwatch 2 which have more than 55 pre-designed watch face for suiting your dress coding.
You can easily set the desired pre-designed watch face by launching the Zenwatch manager from your smartphone and simply selecting the watch face text on the home screen of the app and select your best suit design from the 55+ watch faces, after selecting the desired design the Zenwatch 2 will instantly changes to the new watch face which you selected.

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You can even add up to 3 widgets to the watch face like basic phone battery widget, fitness widgets, weather widgets, (or) productivity widgets like missed calls and calendar. You can select these widgets by simply selecting the customize text from the Zenwatch manager home screen.

Face Designer app – This face designer app helps you to create your own watch face to the Zenwatch 2. This app also allows you to create more than 3 widgets on the watch face, which is a great customization option to make more widgets to the smartwatch but if you put more widgets in the watch face it will affect the design and looks trash. So most preferable customization is to do a simple design like a normal analog watch which will not hurt your eyes.

You will also find some other ready-made watch faces in the app from the All Watch faces page, but if you need to create your own new custom made watch face you can simply touch the plus symbol (+) on the top right corner of the app home screen (or) select the My Watch Face in the left sidebar pages and on the new pop screen tap New to create a custom made face watch.
You need to follow 3 steps in the custom watch face maker page to create a new design as per your creativity.

The First Step is to choose your desired background for the smartwatch or you can even upload one background image from you smartphone’s gallery. After choosing the background it allow you to adding the clock tick and adjusting its size, position, & opacity or leaving without adding the tick. also this step allows you to add a icon or text on the background.

The Second Step is for choosing the desired clock model design whether you need a analog design or a digital design, After choosing the watch design all you need to do is setting up its size, position, & opacity like the previous step. And the main difference is that if you choose the analog design you need to select one of the analog clock hand for the best suiting for the background. If you choose the digital design you need to select one of the best digital structure for suiting the background.

The Third Step is about the widget section, In this step all you need to do is setting up your most wanted widgets to the watch face. This also allows you to put more than 3 widgets to the watch face. But still you should limit yourself from making too many widgets to the face because if you customize more widgets to the Zenwatch 2 face then it will look like a dirty trash bin.

The Final step is tapping Done to save and applying the watch face design that you created for the Zenwatch 2. That’s all with Zenwatch 2 Face Designer app, Now completing these steps your smartwatch looks unique.

ASUS Zenwatch 2 – Hardware Specification

Dispaly – AMOLED 1.45″ inch having 280 x 280 resolution with 273 PPI Touch display, (or) AMOLED 1.63″ inch having 320 x 320 resolution with 278 PPI Touch display. (both models with 2.5D curved corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection).
OS – Android Wear.
CPU – Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.
RAM – 512Mb of Memory.
Internal Storage – 4GB eMMC Flash.
Sensor – 6-Axis (A+G) with Sensor-hub.
Audio – Built-in Microphone.
Water Resistance – IP67 Certified.
Communication connect – Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi.
Battery – smaller gets the 300mAh and Bigger grabs the 400mAh battery (both lasts approx upto 26 hours with 5 sec timeout setting).

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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