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File Manager apps for Android

People uses file management applications on their Android so that they can keep track of things whilst they are out and about. It means they have less work to do when they get home. There are plenty of file management apps for the Android so here are a few good ones you can try. Each on the list is so different that the list is not in any sort of order or rank. Here i listed best file manager apps for android smartphones.
File Manager apps for android

Root Explorer

As far as one can tell, you need your phone to be rooted to use this app. This is because it is able to peer into your root files and will help you move and organize them as well as allowing you the same for your current files. If you cannot get the app to work on your phone then you have 24 hours to send it back. It works with a few of the cloud services and allows you to play with your files on a more fundamental level whilst also offering tools to help you manipulate and sort your files.

SmartWho File Manager

This is a file management app that has a plugin to allow you to see different files such as image and HTML files. It has a home screen widget that gives you file stats and batter status alerts. There are lots of settings you can play with, including allowing you to set your location, your Bluetooth, backgrounds, etc.

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There is also a data section where you can check your system information such as seeing how much RAM is being used or how much memory you have both internally and externally. It also has all the usual functions such as letting you compress files, move them, delete them, copy them, etc. This app is currently very highly rated and very popular, especially on Google Play where it has over 6000 five star ratings.

File expert with clouds

This is mildly impressive app for the fact that it has 49,000 positive reviews in the Google Play website and they are just the five star reviews. It is a management app that allows you to organize you Phone, tablet, PC and the files on your cloud server. It has a very simple interface that is easy to learn and many people will not need to read the instructions. It helps you find and move files easily and there is very little limit to the types of files you may access with this app. It has a fast downloader that has a resume button so you need not download your files in one unbroken session.

Astro File Manager with Cloud

This is a fast app that is very popular. It is nicely designed and owes its speed to its swift indexing system which is supposed to help you find your files faster as it is likely that you have a lot of them. You can use it offline or online and it synchronizes with any other devices you have connected to the app.

Dual File Manager XT

This is a well designed app that may seem a little cluttered to some, but if you have grown tired of the stale and the boring file managers then this is just what you need. It is free and works on most of the Android versions. It does not have lots of functions but has enough to keep you interested and to do its job so that you may organize your files.

ES File Explorer

This is a very popular app with almost half a million positive five star reviews on the Google Play website. It is a file manager that is full of a wide range of features and is the most popular app on this article with over 300 million global downloads. There is a remote app manager and it has built in RAR and ZIP reports. You may categorize your files so they are easy to find and you may use the auto-start tools and cache cleaning tools too. It works with most of the more popular cloud services too.

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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