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Histopedia Encyclopedia of History – Review

Smart phone has changed life of users by any ways. Due to smart phones there are many such smart application which are making users so smart by increasing knowledge, IQ, general awareness, etc. there is one such android application which is helping user to find out the importance of current day in history. There is one website which is called Wikipedia which provides all such information about general topics but in mobile market this is first application for smart phones which provides information about importance of today in history.

[marketcontainer appname=’Histopedia’ appdev=’factsnest’ fullstar=5 halfstar=’false’ offstar=0 appid=’com.factsnest.histopedia’ appimg=’https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OOXZbw8NfMROLRBc1RDw-8atObGE3q3dlX4y07HZT0A0DPKiD5S5PDG07PIJ-dCbgKE=w300′]


Speciality about this application is there is no particular group who found useful but anyone and everyone of any age and any profession can use it and find amazing facts about current day. Application has many different section where all information is divided, business, events and history, birth, sports, discovery/invention, festival, technology, death, entertainment, this all section have different information which is daily updated.


There is one special option which is all, this one make use alerted by all kind of information.
Application has information in well-mannered way.


There is so much functionality in main screen of the application. There is star button, on clicking it we will make it favorite of us. We can check later only favorite of us post by selecting from the menu panel.

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In downside there is above arrow which will make you see more information related to the current post.


There is left and right arrow which will make user move to other picture of the current post.One last button left is sharing, this will make user enable to share current post to all social application like we chat, hike, whatsapp , etc.

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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