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Best and Top 5 Android Application for Women Security

We are living on the feature were female are working as a big professional and leading their way to make an improved society in every part of the world. Unlike the olden days, we can see a lot of women profession working in every company with and without a proper protection. Some women work as big boss for the company with proper and perfect protection, But some women work for their family survival purpose without the proper protection these days. As said in the title of this article, we are going to list the best and top 5 Android Apps for women security. And this article is not only for women, Also for the men who need to protect their family women from crime scenes. We can even say that this article is a must read for the men to share with the women around them, So many women can make use of these Android apps listed below. So let’s get started by seeing the first app in the below list.


Women’s Security

women-security-appWomen’s Security is one of the best app developed by AppSoftIndia in the Productivity genre. This app only requires 520Kb free storage space and the minimum software requirement of Android 2.2 and later. The developer proudly says that this app was shortlisted in the NASSCOM WOMEN’S SECURITY APP FRAME  CONTEST. As a woman, you need to download and install in your Android Smartphone and then you need to fill the information popped up in the app at the first time of launching. The information required to be filled is your E-Mail address & password, then the E-Mail address, mobile number, and a text message of the person or guardian who wanted to protect you from troubles and crimes. Also, you can record your voice for 45 seconds to sent it to your guardian. The send message will show your current location with latitude and longitudinal position of the guardian.

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This requires an internet connection to be sent as a message with the needed information to your guardian and if there is not network connection on your device then the message will be automatically sent while the connection is stable without the user’s interaction with the device. You can have a quick launch widget in your Android device. While taping on the widget the 45 seconds recording starts instantly with a recording icon on the bottom of the screen and after the recording over the icon disappears and the mail and the message will be sent with the recorded clip and a message along with the location. So this is a must have app for a woman, and if a male reading this please suggest your family women to have this app to protect them from trouble makers and crimes.


b-safe-women-safety-appbSafe was developed by Bipper, Inc in the Lifestyle genre. This requires a 12Mb free storage space and the minimum software version of Android 2.3 and later. This app creates a free safety network with your family, friends, and coworkers. Allows you to share your location with your network to find easily. This app has a good feature called Follow Me’s live GPS trace which allows you to ask your friends to walk you with to the destination, so the friends on your network can join you on the way by tracking your location with GPS. You can even help your friends on your network for walking with them to their destination without the problem of trouble makers. You can use Timer mode for programming an automatic alarm to trigger if you did not notice it in time. A special feature is to make a fake call for ringing the phone when you need to ring, and can define the fake call with a caller ID from your contact list. You can share your location with your friends or selected members in your network by using I’m Here option. If you are in a serious situation like getting into trouble with strangers, then you can use Guardian Alert button to instantly notify your family members, and friends in your network for asking help from them by showing your location with GPS tracking, and the current situation video. The Guardian Alert option also enables a siren to the friends in the network. This is a MUST HAVE APP as a woman to escape from dangerous situations.


tell-tail-women-security-appTellTail was developed by DIMTS Ltd (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd) in the social genre. This app requires a 2.6Mb free storage space and the minimum software version of Android 2.3 or later. You just need to download and install this app from Google play store and then go to the settings of this app, –> update your profile information, and then register five of your caretaker’s contact details for getting help in an emergency. We can clearly get the point of this app development, I mean as described in the play store this app is developed for the person who travels alone for a longer distance or to an unsafe destination. If you are in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation while traveling in an automobile like a bus, an auto, or in other public transportation, then this app have two buttons to track your location and send information to your caretaker’s by the five contact you registered in your settings. The first button is Track by Vehicle button and the second button is Track Me button, The Track by Vehicle button gets information of your current location from the GPS of the vehicle you are traveling, and Track Me button gets information of your current location from the GPS of your mobile device and sends it to your caretaker’s. You can send SOS message to your caretaker’s in 3 different ways, You can simply launch the app and press the panic button to alert your caretaker’s, or you need to press the power button 3 times to trigger the panic button alarm without launching the app (this needs to change the settings in the app), or else you can simply shake your mobile device with a bit of jerk to trigger the panic button alarm (this also needs to change the settings in the app). This is must have app if you are a long distance traveler as always having a chance in getting into an unsafe situation.

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i-am-safe-women-security-appI AM SAFE was developed by Mobiwhiz Technologies in a social genre. This app only requires 1.1Mb free storage space and a minimum software requirement of Android 2.0.1 or later. This is a simple app with only one mobile number configurable, so if you are installing this app from play store then you need to put your beloved caretaker for reminding them about the situation you are handling with the information about the location. This app also allows you to send an additional information about the vehicle you are traveling, the information includes the vehicle type (car, bus, or auto), Registration number of the vehicle you travel, Driver name, and Driver’s number. After filling up the additional information and taping the ok button will allow you to send an SMS to the number that you configured as your caretaker. As the developed described in the play store, this app will be more helpful to the blind people to make use of this without losing the destination. Just try this app to make yourself into the safe zone.

Scream Alarm!

scream-alarm-women-security-safety-appScream Alarm is developed by GoPal Appmaker in a Lifestyle genre. The app requires 951Kb free storage space and the minimum software requirement of Android 2.1 or later. HA HA! the app itself says I can scream out for tearing your ears. All you need to do is set your Android smartphone’s media volume to the maximum level to scream as loud as possible. This app is highly recommended for low pitch voiced woman who can’t burst their throat for the higher frequency scream to get the trouble making stranger distract. This app only makes louder scream to get the higher possible attention from the nearby people to look at you, So people can understand that you are in a bad situation with a stranger and can help you get rid of that troublemaker. The scream volume depends on the speaker of your Android device you use because if you use a smartphone with a bad speaker then this app might not help you in that situation, So kindly get a better Android Smartphone with a better speaker. Don’t get duplicated China Android Smartphone for a freaking speaker because we don’t recommend pirated or cloned device which will affect your brain and leads to brain tumor cancer. Just test this app with your smartphone before you make use of this app in a critical situation.


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Dhara is an Android Developer and Editor at TheAndroid-Mania.com. She is Love to share her knowledge and new ideas on Android.


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