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Welcome to the Android Mania

Android is an open-source software stack for mobile devices, and a corresponding open-source project led by Google. We created Android in response to our own experiences launching mobile apps. We wanted to make sure that there was no central point of failure, so that no industry player can restrict or control the innovations of any other. That’s why we created Android, and made its source code open. The Android Mania provides Android apps reviews, How to, Tips and Tricks about android, Android Programming, Android Development, Android Smartphones and my android experience.

The Android Mania

Android (Operating System)
Company / developer Google,Open Handset Alliance,Android Open Source Project
Programmed in C, C++, Java
OS family Unix-like, Linux
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Initial release September 23, 2008
Latest stable release 4.1.2 “Jelly Bean” (October 9, 2012)
Marketing target Smartphones,Tablet computers
Available language(s) Multi-lingual
Package manager Google Play, APK
Supported platforms ARM, MIPS,x86
Kernel type Monolithic (modified Linux kernel)
Default user interface Graphical (Multi-touch)
License Apache License 2.0,
Linux kernel patches under GNU GPL v2
Official website www.android.com
Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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