Everyone is eager to know what is the next version Android Operating System (I mean what name it will be given). Google name each newer version of the Android OS in the alphabetical order. In that way, if you look at the previous versions OS it will start with A- Alpha, B-Beta, …. K-Kitkat, L-Lollipop, M-Marshmallow, and finally the N – is still in the surprise for Android lovers. While Google releasing the 3rd Android OS it named it as Android: Cupcake (in the alphabetical order of C) after that the company uses to name all the Android OS with delicious food names as you know. So we can tell that the upcoming Android N will surely have a good sweet and delicious name which will attract all the smartphone users. So in this article, I have shared the leaked Android N topic for you. For now, scroll down a little below to know what I am trying to tell to this world about Google’s Android N.


As said in this article above, we are waiting for the next generation Android 7.0 N version OS. Still now there are no leaks about the Android 7.0. But Android Police noticed two screenshots of the Bluetooth settings page (two screenshots listed are same and they have both dark and light theme). Unfortunately, this is not a leaked picture and was from the Google’s Android developers site, There is no play with this picture for stealing it from Google.

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The picture shows that the Bluetooth setting page has a new Hamburger button which is not there in the previous version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. Hamburger buttons are mostly seen in the Play Store and Youtube and other Google apps. We guess that the next generation Android OS will have Hamburger buttons all over the app and stuff. This new update with Hamburger button will open up a Navigation Drawer from the left side of the screen with a list of detailed main menu setting to deal with the app or the stuff you work with.

Many users after reading this article will tell themselves “Google smashed their own rules about Navigation Drawer”. Which means Google use to be stubborn to the Android developers who make Navigation Drawer to their app, they don’t like developers to play with this simple slide out settings. As said in Android Police, Google will use to do experimenting with their new releasing stuff to make them one step forward in the making next generation products, So they don’t remain in the same stuff and they keep moving forward.

As Sundar Pichai said in the conversation of Delhi University, Google will have an online poll for naming the upcoming Android N. And they will reveal the name in Google’s I/O. Indians are eager to have a name of an Indian Dessert.

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So stay tuned for getting the next update of Android N from Android Mania. We guess that Indian’s will win the Online Poll. And if they do we have a delicious Indian Dessert name like Nankhatai, Neyyapam, Narali Bhaat and etc.. You guys may not be familiar with this desserts, But I had all these as an Indian..

I expected the Android 5.0 name should be Ladoo, But Google made a decision for Lollipop.

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