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Fastest way to try apps and games on Android devices

This is the world of creation and every day we found something gets a change of getting advance and same like this recently Google play store has launched a new feature which is going to be so amazing and helpful as well. Recently Google Play Store has launched this new feature which is “Google Play Instant”. This feature is like time-saving like now you will not regret after downloading any app or any game as you can play them before downloading, so you will download after a confirmation that is it suitable for you or not!

What is it?

So, what exactly this feature does is that it now it allow users to check out what type of app or game you are going to download. Yes, it is very true, now you can start any app or game and run it before downloading it with the help of this new feature of Google Play Store.

The reason behind the launching of this application is that last year Google has recorded that there are several games or apps downloaded and got uninstall without a use. Sometimes as well people download some app more than one time. So, by looking at this condition Google has launched this features that will help you to check out the app and you can also use it before downloading.


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Benefits of This Feature 

It happens like sometimes we download any app or game which we won’t like later because you are not comfortable with it or either you don’t like it. But now with this feature, you can save your time and you can save your data as well. You can easily check by using any application before downloading it and download it when you like it.

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Using this feature is very easy as usual you have to search any application or game that you want to download and then you will find this new feature as the option of “TRY NOW” just beside of “INSTALL”. That it.

Such App or Games You can try before downloading them

  1. Clash Royal
  2. Words With Friends 2
  3. Solitaire
  4. Final Fantasy XV
  5. Bubble Witch 3: SAGA
  6. Mighty Battle 
Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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