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Top 5 Best Translation Apps for Android.

We are in the feature with a bunch of smart gadgets, we always carry them with us while traveling to unknown alien language countries. Travelling will be very hard if you don’t know the language, the people speak and write in other countries. But you don’t need to know more and very intelligent like other people with higher IQ. In other words, we have the world’s smartest things in our hands while travelling. The Smartphones and the Smart Watches can turn life easier with a lot of usabilities. In this article, we are gonna look at some of the Best Translation Apps for Android in the list of Top 5. These Translation Apps mentioned below will help you while travelling all over the world. So, scroll down to get the Best Android Translation Applications.


Google Translate.

google-translator-android-appGoogle Translator is developed by Google Inc in Tools genre. The size and minimum Android requirement vary as per the Device you use. This is one of the best translators in the play store and made by the very popular and top developer. This not only works with your Smartphone and Tablets also works with the wearables like Smartwatches. Google Translator translates languages by typing (by typing google translator translates up to 90 languages), Using the camera to translate the written language on any surfaces (by using the camera this app translates up to 26 languages instantly), Two-way automatic speech translation (in speech translation it translates up to 40 languages). You can even download and install the required language pack which you want to translate, this mostly helps while traveling a long distance where there is no internet or slow internet (works with offline mode but not tested). You can even take pictures of sentences or texts and translate if some languages don’t support instant camera translation. You should try this and we highly recommend Google Translate.

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Copy Translate.

copy-translate-android-translate-appCopy Translate is developed by EasyApp Company in the Tools genre. This only needs low free storage space for 1.8Mb and the minimum software version requires is Android 3.0 or later. There is not a big deal to handle this app, only you need to turn on the app and just copy the word or a sentence and it will automatically show the translation for the copied word in the notification bar. The only good thing is you don’t even need to switch between apps to translate, so this is very easy and simple app to handle. Another good feature about Copy Translator is you can save the translated word, check history, share it with your friends and send to other people in your circle. This app is highly recommended for PDF and other Word format file readers as it has very easy to use. There is not a lot of users for this app, but still this is worth installing on your android device with the lower storage.

Translate Voice.

translate-voice-translator-android-appTranslate Voice is developed by Tick Talk Soft in the Tools genre. This also requires less storage space of 3.0Mb and the minimum software requirement of Android 2.3 or later. This app has a nice and long description in the play store with the recent update in feb/2016/23. As the title implies this app will translate the voice of the language you speak, and also has a talk button to hear the narration of the language. Google Translator also have two-way voice translation, but this app is specially made for narrating the translated language and to give a voice input for translating the spoken language. Translate Voice translation app have the support of more than 80 languages. Give voice outputs for 40 languages and gets voice input for almost all languages. You can check the history of translated languages and word phrases. This app also gives word suggestions for getting a simple word with the same meaning. Allows you to check spelling and allows you to share translated text to other applications. Almost every Android user used this app have given the higher rating for this app for excellent translation and for giving this app for free. Just have a try to this translator app, it’s free.

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Global Translator.

global-translator-android-translator-appglobal Translator is developed by Halo Solutions in the Communication genre. This app requires little more storage space than other translators for 26Mb and Android 4.0 or later as the minimum software requirement. This is also a free app for translating hard words from other alien country languages. This app has the maximum 40 languages support for translating to the desired language. You can hear the translated word by pronouncing or else you can view the word by written. All you need is an internet connection to your Android device for translating the hard bad languages. Like Google Translator, this app also supports to read and translate the text or word with the help of the camera. Global Translator developer said in the Play Store description that this is the new app and have not updated the app as this was released recently in January/ 12/2016. As this was a new app this may have some error. If you are using this app and noticed any errors while using this app you can send a feedback to the developer, So they can fix the errors and give more improvements to this translator with a good upgrade. Don’t think about the errors, I have not noticed any errors while launching and using this app.

Dolphin Translate.

dolphin-translator-android-translator-appDolphin Translate is developed by Dolphin Browser Add-ons in the Communication genre. This app only requires 103Kb for installing from Play Store and this is the far lowest space requiring translator app. And the minimum software requirement Android 2.2 and later. This app is not only a translating app also works as a browser for surfing the internet. You can easily translate up to 58 languages which are listed in the description of the Play Store. The main support is that you can translate any webpage’s entire content or the selected sentence into any desired languages without leaving the browser (this only applies to the Dolphin Browser). You can also contact or send feedback to the app developer for any kind of errors or questions. There is not a lot of things to write about Dolphin Translator, So kindly have a try for this app. And another thing is this app have a lot of app users compared to other new translating apps, means this app have a good rating and good some cool regular users. If you need a translator along with the powerful browser, then this app is for you.

Dhara Mehtahttp://www.miscellaneousvalley.org/
Dhara is an Android Developer and Editor at TheAndroid-Mania.com. She is Love to share her knowledge and new ideas on Android.


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