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Best Music Apps for Android Devices

The modern generations have a lot of media players in their hands portable for listening to their favorite songs or music. One of the best portable devices for listening music is the handy Smartphone or the bigger tablets, as you know this post is about the Android Music Apps for having the best experience in listening music. There are lots of music categories to listen with your device but you need the best app for doing the great work with music file you play, there are only fewer fine Android Apps which supports the entire music file.

best music apps for android device
Best music apps for android device
Most commonly used music files are MP3 and may be some others files you may know. We are not that much upgraded to run files like AURO 3D or Dolby Atmos in our compact Smartphone device because of the hardware and software lacking.

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I mean we will have a lot of improvements to have the best-suited experience in the future. I am not aware of AURO 3D, but there are some devices which support Dolby Atmos files like the Lenovo K3 note. All you need is the proper Dolby Atmos music files to have the experience. So let’s have a look at the best Android Apps for playing Music with a lot of functionality.

We made a survey on best Music apps on the Google Play store, so we finally came up with this list for the apps to play your favorite music in your Android Device.


Jet Audio Music Player (free and paid for full version)

Jet Audio is one of the most popular Music App on the list; many users satisfied with listening music with this app. The only deal is you need to make an in-app purchase to get the pro version of this app, without making in app purchase you can use this app for free with some limited features. This also supports Pepple Android wear, if you have one. The free version has almost everything, and the pro version unlocks some features like viewing options, widgets for your Home screen, shifting pitch and other stuffs that a big Audio Enthusiasts needs. This also supports more plugins for making the better experience for the users. Just have a try in this app for free, if you like the app then buy the pro version of this app to help and support the developers to come up with the better one in the feature.

Google Play Music Player

The best app for online music content, this app is Google’s official app as the title says. This app best suits for the people who need a streaming online music player. Google updated this app’s Material design with the Android 5.0 Lollipop interface. Google Play Music Player also suggests some music as per your listening choices in your Songs library. This app syncs with your Google account which will help you in accessing your playlists in all the devices you use with the same Google account. More than this you can access your offline music library by little digging inside the app, turning off your internet connection will be easy for accessing the offline content. You can also upload your favorite music to Google Play Music from your computer and stream it on the go in Android gadgets you use. Must have app for a Google fan and an online music enthusiast.


Shuttle Music Player (free and paid for full version)

S-H-U-T-T-L-E Music Player not shuffle player, because I read it wrong as shuffle. This is one of my favorite music player for its User Interface and the blue color theme. The design little mimics like the Google’s Music app and works good for getting an attention among Music lovers. This got two half of the options of Poweramp which is good for light weight music apps for a user without the deeper knowledge of music. But if you need a lot and lot of features then this app will be not your Jam. But still supports some standard features like 6 Band Equalization, Tag Editing, Gapless Playback, sleep timer mode, few different themes without the paid version. Both free and paid versions are available for this app which the paid version will gives you little more features like the Chromecast support more themes, and folder browsing. The paid version doesn’t costs too much which will have a good value for your money. This is a Must have app for a music lover who have a little music functionality knowledge and to spend little money for his lovable music app for its good interface.

Rocket Player (free and paid for full version)

People recommend Rocket Player for giving it a try for its features. Like other music apps this app also comes with the free and paid version for the users, but the bad move is that this app may not support all the features and widgets for all types of Android devices. As this app has a busy interface with lot of stuffed small texts you can’t have a good look even after changing the theme for this app. I mean that still the app looks busy after changing the theme. If you like the app and go for the paid version then you can run all the audio format files with some added features like left and right balance control, preamp, Chromecast support, video player and more. Just give a try if you like the name and the busy interface.


Poweramp is the winner if you compare any other app with this app. This app is an inspiration for some newbie music app developers as it dominates the entire music apps in the Google Play Store with its deeper functionality that an Audio Enthusiast needs to play with. It’s hard to tell all the features of this app in this single article, so we just gave a brief review of this app. This got a 10 band Equalizer, lots of themes, lots of tweaks, support for lots of files, gapless playing, crossfade, and more features. Users also experiencing some problems with this app like bad audio processing while using a custom made Android ROMs. So if you have the stock ROM then there is no problem with this app. If you need the best made Android Music App for your pretty device then this is the must have app for you with lots and lots of excellent features. This app also gives you 15 days trial for giving it a try; you will surely buy this app if you try. So better buy this app for supporting the good developers.

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