In this article, we have listed Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Game in the descending list of Top 5. The top 5 games are from some of the top developers like Critical Force Entertainment, Warner Bros, Gameloft, Reliance Big Entertainment (UK), and Crescent Moon Games. We have listed each game from each 5 developers. We hope that you will like the Bluetooth Android Games listing. Just have a read below to know what we have done to this article.


Top 5 Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Games for Android.

Critical Strike Portable (Free with in-app purchases).

critical-strike-portable-android-bluetooth-multiplayer-gameCritical Strike Portable game was developed by Critical Force Entertainment in an Action genre. This game was a first person shooter game which resembles like the old and famous Counter Strike game. But still Critical Strike have some differences like different missions and different stages than the old Counter Strike game. This game can be played in a single-player career mode or in an online multiplayer mode or with Bluetooth multiplayer mode. If you need to play with Bluetooth multiplayer mode then you need to connect to the internet even for creating an offline multiplayer account. This game has a lot of game types (like classic shooting game, surviving from the zombies and killing them, deathmatch, and etc..), gaming modes ( like space mode, night mode, and matrix mode), and game settings (like player speed, player HP, and zombie difficulty). This game doesn’t have a lot of guns to fire, only equipped with several guns. If you like games like Counter Strike, just give this game a try to fire the zombies with your Android smartphone.

Mortal Kombat X (Free with in-app purchases).

mortal-kombat-x-android-bluetooth-multiplayer-gameMortal Kombat X was developed by Warner Bros. international Enterprises in an Action genre. This game is rated for 18 years and old players because of its extreme blood and gore violence. This game requires minimum specification of 1Gb RAM memory, 1.5Gb Storage memory and requires Android 4.0 or more for playing this game without a lag. You may know that Warner Bros are one of the big giant company for producing movies and developing games. Warner Bros develops the most anticipated and addicting games for Android gamers. Even though this game is old, Still there are more addicted gamers for this game all over the globe for its hard playing extreme level graphics and super power performance. This game will best suit for Bluetooth Multiplayer game mode and there are a lot to say about this game. If you need to know more about this game just go and download this game in your Android device and go gaming to know more.

Nova 3: Freedom Edition (Free).

nova-3-freedom-edition-android-blurtooth-multiplayer-gameNova 3 Freedom Edition was developed by Gameloft in a shooting action game genre. This game is rated for 16 years and older players to play as it contains strong violence. The minimum requirement for this game is 1.6Gb storage memory, Android 4.0 or later version, and 1Gb RAM memory. In my opinion, this game resembles like Crysis game series which I played in my PC. I personally like first person shooter games Nova 3 as I am a SciFi FPS fan. Nova 3 story line that, After many years humanity returns back to the Earth and to fight against the enemies to save the humanity. You need to Shoot, Run for survival, Drive vehicles to escape from enemies, and Pilot a Mech to execute tons of enemies. There are 7 different types of Multiplayer modes with 7 different types of maps to play with players around the world or with your local friends. You can connect with up to 12 players in the battle for an online Multiplayer mode or by a Bluetooth Multiplayer game mode. The developer says that players who play in Multiplayer mode can jump into the same vehicle for destroying the enemy zone.


Real Steel: World Robot Boxing (Free with in-app purchases).

real-steel-world-robot-boxing-android-bluetooth-multiplayer-gameThe developer of Real Steel game was a huge giant company Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) in an action genre. This game was rated and playable for 7 years and above aged children as this game have very mild violence. This game only requires less storage space of 277Mb and the minimum Android version to play this game is 2.3.3 and later OS versions. You may know by the title this game was a boxing game among the big giant robots. There are five types of fighting modes which include the Championship mode, Live Events mode, Daily Exhibition mode, Time Attack mode, and Free Sparring mode. You should box with 43 champion robots in the champion mode to win the career championship mode. You have multiplayer modes like online Multiplayer mode for boxing against the worldwide robot boxers, LAN mode, WiFi mode, and Bluetooth Multiplayer game mode. When you fight and win you can upgrade your robot boxer to beat the enemies with powerful, stronger, and faster attacks. You can also paint your robot in the paint shop for a good look and expressing yourself. The robot will be like 9 feet tall and weighs more than 2000 pounds. Just give a try this game to handle the 9 feet tall robot and boxing against the enemies.

Monkey Boxing (Paid app).

monkey-boxing-android-bluetooth-multiplayer-game copyThe title Monkey Boxing itself says that this is a boxing game among the funny monkey characters. This game was developed by Crescent Moon Games in an Arcade genre. As usual like other games this game have a good quality of 3D graphics. Inside, a boxing ring there will be matched between two monkeys and who wins they get upgrades and other stuff like cooling glasses, good boxing gloves and etc… Unlike other boxing games this game will be more fun to play, I mean funny to play. You need to choose your pet monkey and characterise it at the start of the new game and fight with other monkeys in a single player mode or in a Multiplayer mode and get more points with good upgrades like improving strength, getting more hand power for the fight, Adding some clothes & accessories you like. Now go again and fight with other monkeys to keep on upgrading to fight against matured big monkeys. This game almost supports all the Multiplayer mode like the WiFi mode, Online mode, and Bluetooth Multiplayer game mode. Give a try this game if you like fighting with funny monkeys.



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