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WhatsApp now makes it impossible to ignore annoying people in group chats

WhatsApp now makes it impossible to ignore annoying people in group chats

Hello, friends welcome to this new post which is all going to belong WhatsApp, as we all know at this current time Whatsapp is only the app which is use by using by the entire android mobile user from all over the world. Even Whatsapp is one of the applications which is most downloaded from the Google Play Store and Whatsapp is always used to update its version so its users get the new feature after every update.

First Whatsapp was launch as simple text messaging app through which you can send your personal messages and personal images to your saved contact on the list.

After this when it update, so Whatsapp allowed its users to send their private videos and also send the document directly through WhatsApp to your contact. And also invented a feature through which you can share your audio messages to your friend.

The last but not the least update innovated Whatsapp as like so now you can even make the call to your friend. But you can be able to call to your friends when your friends must also be online at that same time.

Now you won’t be able to avoid unwanted person

So guys as you all know that you also can do group chat with our friend circle in which you can add members to group up to 256. And not only friend circle, but some it time it is also related to your any work and etc. But Whatsapp with it’s recently updated comes with a new feature which is now you can tag any of people in group chat. Which means you cannot even ignore someone by mute your group chats. This feature is only available for android and os user not for PC users.

That feature

Now if you want to annoy someone, who is not replying you in group chat, just you have to do is the tag that person by put “@” before the name of the recipient. And then that person receive the message even he muted his or her group chat.

Most of us will not go to like this drastic change in Whatsapp, even users giving their feedback on this feature and hope soon WhatsApp will work on this and make it as earlier.

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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