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Top 5 Superhero Games from Gameloft for Android.

We all like superheroes like superman, batman, and spiderman, but we can’t fly and give a punch in our enemies face in real life because he will break our bones. But still we have a chance to be like superheroes in our gaming world. I think you got my point, what I am coming to say to you. Yes, if you need to be a superhero in your gaming world, all you need to do is download your favorite superhero game in your device and get going with gaming. In this advanced world, we can’t think of living without a smartphone. Especially Android Operating System is the best and used by most of the Smartphone manufacturers for their consumers. In this article, we are going to share the Best Superheros Game for Android Smartphone users in the descending list of Top 5 from the top developer Gameloft. So let’s scroll the page a bit down to check the Top 5 Superhero Games from Gameloft for Android Consumers.


Top 5 Superhero Games from Gameloft for Android.

5. Spider-Man Unlimited (Free with in-app purchases).

spiderman-unlimited-android-game-gameloft-android-maniaThis is one of my favorite Superhero game Spider-Man Unlimited. As you know this game was developed by Gameloft in an action genre. This game was advisable and rated for 12 years and older players due to its moderate violence. This game is a one-way game and continuous running game like the Temple Run and Despicable Me 2 game. You need to keep on running straight, keep jumping, kill enemies with superpowers and take all the powers on the way to complete the mission to get an upgrade for a faster and powerful attack. The thing I noticed while playing this game is, you need to connect your Android device to the internet to play this game because without internet access you can’t load the game and show the results. Yes, of course, this game is like an online playing game. This game doesn’t need much space like the other big games only 24Mb needed while installing the game from play store. After that, it will download some required files for gaming from the official developers when launching the game for the first time. This game requires Android 4.0 or later version to play this game. If you like games like Temple Run and other running games give this game a try to run like a Spiderman.

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Iron Man 3 (Free).

iron-man-3-android-game-gameloft-android-maniaIron Man 3 is the best game in this listing because of its graphics, performance, and other cool gaming stuff. This game was developed by Gameloft as you know and this game was given in the Action genre. For moderate violence, this game was rated for 12 years and older players. The company Gameloft not only mentioned minimum software version to run this game also they have mentioned some hardware specifications for this game, the minimum specifications includes 1GHz CPU for the Android device you need for gaming, PowerVR SGX540 GPU or equivalent GPU for good graphics processing, minimum 500Mb RAM memory to run this game, 1.1Gb Storage memory for storing setup file, and the minimum software requirement was Android 2.3 or later version. This game is also a road runner and a road flyer game, yes similar game like temple run and spiderman unlimited as I mentioned before. The main mission of the game is to fight against the rising A.I.M forces all over the world while running and flying in the sky as Tony Stark wearing the Iron Man armor. If you need to know more about this game just download and install it from the play store.

Thor: The Dark World (Free with in-app purchase).

thor-android-game-gameloftAs you know this is also a superhero game, The superhero with a big rectangle shaped hammer. Gameloft developed  based on the Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Movie in an Action and Adventures genre. This game was Rated and advisable for 12 years and older player for its moderate violence. The main protagonist you play as is Thor, He is the god of thunder in the story. The game requires 1.6Gb of free storage memory to install and play the game. The protagonist should race to free the nine worlds from the Dark Elves and Ancient enemies. Thor is the only man can stand against Malekith’s dark ambitions, and to defend the nine worlds from enemies. You can upgrade your allies after winning some missions against enemies to upgrade your superpowers like teleportation, healing and etc… Also, you can be the hard competition for the enemies by unlocking and upgrading 10 superpowerful hammers and armor suits and accessories for the Protagonist Thor. Go and fight with the enemies to protect 9 worlds from the evil thinking enemies.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Free with in-app purchases).

captain-america-the-winter-soldier-android-game-android-maniaCaptain America is one of the famous and evergreen superhero of all time. Like Thor having his favorite weapon as a hammer, Captain America was also having his own favorite defense weapon as a shield always carrying on his back instead of his preschool back bag. This game needs 21Mb of free storage space while downloading and installing it from play store. Recommended minimal software requirement is Android 4.0 or a later version of OS. This game was rated and advisable for 16 years or older players for its strong violence. You need to play as Captain America and lead your strike team S.H.I.E.L.D to fight against several nefarious crime organizations. You can also call an Avenger for supporting while under the severe attack. Before getting into a severe attack, you should be clever enough to fight against enemies by directing your strike team and by using your team’s skills and powers. Like other games, be updated and upgraded with your strike team in the battle by finishing missions with good score. Play and compare the score with your pals to be the best Captain America gamer.

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The Dark Knight Rises (Paid app for $7 dollars).

batman-the-dark-knight-rises-android-game-android-maniaIf you are the fan of Batman and the hidden character Bruce Wayne then this game is a treat for you with open world gaming in New York City. The Dark Knight Rises is an Exclusive game for android devices and rated for 12 years and older players for its moderate violence. This game requires minimal software version of Android 2.2 or later released OS. This game was old and updated last in September 2014 but still this game got a good hit for its free roam open world gaming. As we said in the title of this article this game was developed by Gameloft in an Action and Adventure genre. The protagonist Batman should protect Gotham City from the enemies. You have more and more missions like jailbreaking, bomb squad missions, car chases, and rescuing hostage peoples. You need to collect the items all over the city to unlocking upgrades and new fighting skills for Barman. You can also drive Bat-Pod for special missions or you can pilot the Bat for a faster travel across the city. If you need Batman game with the graphics and performance level of your computer or console then go and buy this game for gaming in your pocket.


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