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Top 5 Shooter Games for Android from Gameloft.

In this article, we have listed Best shooter games for Android devices from Gameloft in the descending list of Top 5. These listing have the 4 open world games and 3 first person shooter games and 2 third person shooter games. The games listed below are mostly for the FPS fans, Shooting game fans, and Open-world fans. If you wonder big games which you play in your PC’s or Consoles to play on your Android device then scroll down a bit to read the game info. here’s Best adult android games for you



5. Sniper Fury (Free with in-app purchases).

sniper-fury-android-shooter-gameSniper Fury was developed by Gameloft in the Action Adventurous genre. This is a first person shooter game with

stunning graphics and detailed location. The title itself tell that this is a sniper shooting game and there are no other weapons enabled for gaming. As you know, a sniper is nothing but a lengthy gun with zoom in options for executing enemies from a longer distance without being noticed. In this game, As I said before you need to kill the given target enemies with a sniper in a long distance by zooming in and out. Each and every execution of an enemy will earn many XP’s (experience points), money to buy guns and upgrades, and even you will earn a weapon part to make powerful shots with your snipers. The points and XP’s you earn in every kill will be different as per the bullet shots like headshot, heart shot, single shot kill, and etc. Other than guns and weapons this game have more than 130 missions. atmospheric conditions like rainstorms, sandstorms, blizzards and etc.. This game only requires 32Mb storage memory while installing from play store and requires minimal software version of Android 4.0 and later. This game was rated for 16 years and old players for its strong violence content.

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4. Brothers in Arms 3 (Free with in-app purchases).

brothers-in-arms-3-shooter-android-gameAs you know Brothers in Arms part 3 also developed by Gameloft in the Arcade Action genre, which was rated for 16 years and old players for its strong violence. This game requires approximately 810Mb storage memory for installing from play store and requires minimal software version of Android 4.0 and later for gaming. This game is like an open world military mission game which will make you kill a lot of enemies with large varieties guns. This game also got my favorite Rocket launcher for totally damaging and destroying the military tankers. Brothers in Arms 3 is a third person shooter games. we have a lot of third person shooting games in PC’s and consoles years back, But in an Android device is awesome with touch controls to kill enemies. You will get mission rewards like XP’s and points, with these XP’s and points you can buy your favorite weapons and upgrades to battle against enemies. This game has collections of different things that a third person shooter game needs along with multiplayer mode to battle with the players across the world. Get this game on your Android device to have a game like you play in your console or PC.

3. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown (Free with in-app purchases).

six-guns-gang-showdown-android-shotter-gameA Gameloft game in an Action adventurous genre. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown needs 750Mb storage approximately to install from play store and the minimal software requirement of Android 2.3 or later. Rated for 16 years and older players for strong violence. This game is like playing an old Grand Theft Auto game in a desert with a cowboy outfit. But still it’s not GTA, this game is based on a cowboy story with cowboy guns. This third-person shooting game has a lot of unnatural enemies as the company says. The protagonist Buck Crosshaw have never shot a man with his weapon and he don’t like that. But for now, he needs to escape to Arizona by faking his own death to escape. After escaping from his first enemy, Buck has again got into a problem to face another enemy for a bad flashback. There are 40 missions to complete in this game and you will race more horses, take out the robbers, and more on the cowboy way. If you like cowboy movies and stuff then you need to have this open world game in your Android pocket device.

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2. N.O.V.A 3: Freedom Edition (Free with in-app purchases).

nova-3-android-bluetooth-shooter-multiplayer-gameNova 3 was also already listed in one of our article in the third place of Top 5 Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Games for Android Devices. As we said before at the start of this article this game was developed by Gameloft in an Action Adventurous genre and rated for 16 years and older player for its strong violence. This game requires approximately 1.6Gb of Storage and minimal software version of Android 4.0 and later for gaming. As I told in the previous article this game exactly resembles like Crysis series games or like the time shift game or like the upcoming Doom 4 game (Doom 4 is expected to be released on 2016). As this game was a military first person shooting game this game’s protagonist will be wearing a highly armored and advanced military dress and wearing an advanced digital helmet. The normal adventurous story line, the human rays finally comes to the earth after years and years and then what happens to you and to save the earth from enemies. You can drive any vehicle for survival, shoot the enemies, run for life, and pilot a mech to defeat more enemies. 7 Multiplayer mode with 7 different maps to join with your friends on the battlefield and to join in the same vehicles to kill the enemy gang. Play this game on your Android device if you like first person shooter games like Modern Combat.

1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Free with in-app purchases).

modern-combat-5-blackout-android-shooter-multiplayer-gameModern Combat 5: Blackout is already listed in our old articles in the first place of Top 5 Best Multiplayer games for Android. Developed by Gameloft in an Action Adventurous Genre and rated for 16 years and old player for its strong violence. This game the minimal software version of Android 4.0 and later. As we told in one of our previous this the best first person multiplayer game to play with your friends or with the players around the world. This game need internet connection to play even in a single player mission, but still this is my best jam due to its FPS and smooth graphics handling without any glitches or lags. This game is a must have game for FPS fans, Multiplayer lovers, and first person shooting game lovers. You can shoot at enemies, vehicles, helicopters, shooting from a chopper and lot of fun with excellent graphics and missions. And also this game is a story related game so you will surely love to play this game, I mean this is a story related not a real story related game. So have fun with your android device playing this first person game without a big computer or a console.

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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