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How to download Android paid apps for free

There are quite a few ways to download android paid apps for free, and many of the methods you probably know about but have not thought of. Downloading paid apps for free means downloading and using apps that you should normally pay for but being able to use and download them for free. The method you use to get your apps is up to you. This article shows you a few ways to get paid apps for free but is not suggesting you use any of them–it merely points out a few of your options.
download Android paid apps for free

Apps for free apps

There are apps out there that collect up other paid apps so that you may use them for free. There is a website and was an app called Applanet, but do not download it because it has bugs and is probably corrupt by now. This was an app that collected up paid apps to give them away for free, and if you can find a similar app then you may be in luck.

Google Play run offers and change prices

Every now and again an app price will come down or disappear in some sort of sales event or the prices change for an app. Quite often a free app will suddenly have a price attached after the creators discover people are downloading it in their thousands. There are rarer times when a price will go down to zero for a few months and then shoot back up again later.

Google Play apps with adverts

There is a common option where you may have a paid app for free if you are willing to put up with adverts on it. If you are willing to put up with lots of adverts on your app then you can try this method for free paid apps.

Apps with free trials

If you can find an app with a free trial option then there is nothing stopping you from trying it. You do not have to buy or spend any money if you do not want, and if you do not trust the app producers then simply do not give them your bank details when you sign up.

Independent websites

There are independent websites that are willing to give away their paid apps in competitions or in limited time offers. You run a risk when you download from independent websites as they have very little guiding them when it comes to ethics and app quality, but not all app developers are bad.

App directories on websites

There are websites that host a batch of paid apps that they give away for free. You do have to be careful about downloading from them as there are often viruses and malware programs on their directories, but if you are lucky you may be able to snag a paid app for free.

File Sharing Sites

Is it naughty or not? Some say it is stealing and other say it is a fair distribution system in a world where you don’t know until you are burned. When it comes to apps people are angry about the fact that you can look up reviews for an app and they are come out good so you buy the app only to discover that the reviews were paid for by the app company and the app is actually terrible. This happens to a massive degree along with false advertising that goes unpunished every day.

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With file sharing sites you are able to download paid apps, see if they are any good and then delete them without being burned by paying for something that is terrible. If all app websites allowed people to have free trials with apps then people being cheated by fake reviews and false advertising would not be a problem and file sharing sites could go back to being tools for use amongst friends or tools for people wanting to spread their own content through the Internet.

Black Market apps on the Android

These exist but you are going to discover they are hard to find. Google does not tend to allow people the affiliate advertise that sort of thing and often has such sites blocked. Google Play will not put them on their website either because they are undermining the point of their website. There are people who do not want you to use black market apps (such as BlackMart Alpha) and are going to put virus filled or fake versions on the Internet for unsuspecting people to download so consider yourself fairly warned.

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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