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TheOneSpy Mobile Tracker Software for Snapchat Messages

The photo-sharing application Snapchat has turned out to be the most popular social networking app among teens in certain regions of the world. The recent statistics highlight the popularity of the app showing it to be the most used social media app among the teens and adults between the ages of 12 and 24. This groundbreaking success of the app has kicked Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr out of the race. The self-destructive messaging app seems to be more influential among collegians. More than 70 percent of the college-aged teens report using Snapchat once a day.

Snapchat has around 10 million active users out of which 54 percent use the app on daily basis. Around 32 percent of Snapchatters use the app 5 times a week and 87 percent use it two times a week. More than 10 billion videos are viewed on Snapchat in a day; around 400 million photos are exchanged through the app in a day and 9000 snaps are shared via the app in every second.

Self-Destructive Messages of Snapchat

Snapchat lets the user exchange messages, photos, and videos that automatically delete seconds after being viewed by the recipient. These self-deleted messages entice teens to sext. The app is considered to be the most secure platform for sexting because the messages exchanged through the app get automatically deleted. It is widely being used for sending inappropriate messages and sexually explicit photos and videos.

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Though the Snapchat developers claim to offer self-deleted messages, the messages can be saved with the screenshots. The recipient of the messages can take a screenshot of the messages and distribute these messages. Many cases have been reported against boys stealing and distributing sexually explicit Snapchat screenshots.

Parents’ Concerns about Snapchat

Snapchat is gaining popularity among teens and tweens. The inappropriate and irresponsible use of the photo-sharing application can cause horrible consequences. If your teen daughter is sharing personal information through the app or receiving explicit photos from the predators, there is something really concerning.

In this digital age, parents are responsible to safeguard their children from the online threats such as sexting, child predation, cyber-bullying and online sex crimes. Snapchat is being used by many child predators and pedophiles who sexually exploit the adolescents. Monitoring the Snapchat activities of your children lets you ensure they are not in contact with pedophiles or predators.     

Mobile Tracker Software to Spy on Snapchat Messages

There is numerous parental control and smartphone spying apps readily available that allow monitoring and disciplining the digital behavior of children. TheOneSpy is one of those apps. It enables parents to monitor the social media activities of their children to protect them from the scoundrels and prevent them from wrongdoing.

By installing the spy application on the mobile phone of your children, you can monitor Snapchat messages and the messages exchanged through the other popular social networking apps including Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Line, Tinder, Kik, Tumblr, Telegram, Hike and Yahoo messenger. As the cell phone spy software gets installed on the target cell phone, it starts accessing the data stored on the phone including the text and instant messages. The data gets automatically uploaded to the online account of the app which can only be accessed by the parents providing confidential credentials.

TheOneSpy mobile spy software captures the Snapchat messages by taking screenshots. As your kids start using the photo-sharing app on their Android mobile phones, the app automatically starts taking screenshots with an interval of 3 seconds. It records all the activities that your kids perform on Snapchat and uploads them on the online account in the form of screenshots. Whether they are sending texts, capturing photos or adding filters to their photos, you can see almost everything.

The Bottom Line

The popularity of Snapchat is not behind the scenes. While the app is fascinating more and more teens, it is attracting the child predators, bullies and scoundrels as well. Monitoring the Snapchat accounts of children help parents to ensure that their kids are not being victimized by the online crooks or engaged in wrongdoing. As well as monitoring of your children’s digital behavior, educate them and help them learn the use of Snapchat and other social media apps in an appropriate, responsible and secure manner.

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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