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Best Android Apps to Create Meme From Smartphones

Making meme images ought to be one of the most effortless things to do: simply modify some fundamental content from any picture, and you’re finished! On the web, there are some best tools or android apps for this. However, there are so many android apps to create meme. It can be difficult to choose the best one from them.


You could utilize the best photo editing software like photoshop, to modify anything to your photographs. However, these Memegenerator apps have loads of preloaded pictures like Philosoraptor, Futurama Fry, and Conspiracy Keanu. While I’ll be trying Android apps here, one of them, Meme Generator Free, has an iOS application, and we additionally have 5 iOS applications for pic beats.

We will be making the same Matrix Morpheus meme in each application and posting it underneath without resizing or changing the default settings. So that we can make sure you can perceive how they make somewhat distinctive images.

Generate ALL The Memes

GATM Meme Generator unmistakably has the best name, yet I’m not entirely certain in the event that it’s the best application accessible. It will do all that you require it to do, yet its user interface could utilize a few upgrades.


The title of the application stays in a monstrous dim bar at the top, and to change between browse, create, & Personal, you need to utilize the dark tabs at the top. No swiping activities or present day styling here. Additionally, as shown in the screenshot below, a number of the pics should be downloaded and aren’t consequently there like 1990s Problems and Aaaand It’s Gone.

Generate ALL The Memes Best Meme Apps

Something else that I discovered irritating was the way that the “Bottom Text” field was located in the picture. I realize that sounds odd, yet when you attempt to sort in the “Top Text” field and after that change to the “Bottom Text” field, it obliges you to pull out of the keyboard to choose the “Bottom Text” field. I didn’t have this issue with alternate applications where both entry section fields are at the top.

This is what Morpheus looks like when I wrote that content in the individual fields. There aren’t any alternatives here for changing the content size, color, or outskirt, yet it made a usable pic.

Meme Generator Free

This is my most favorite app. The user interface looks pleasant; the drop-down menu under Select A Category gives you choices for All Memes, New Memes, Popular Memes, Favorite Memes, and Saved Memes.

The photograph symbol with the in addition to sign permits you to utilize your own particular photograph, however, it doesn’t have a camera interface, so in the event that you need to utilize your own photograph, snap it with your camera application in the first place, then select it from here.
While that is somewhat irritating, it didn’t destroy my involvement with the application. (For an option, the following application, Meme Me can open your camera and let you to redirect in your app easily without navigation.

Meme Generator Free Best Meme App

Meme Generator Free had the biggest collection of pics and it has an “example?” catch that has a few decent case of any given pic. In addition, both the content passage fields are at the top and simple to utilize. The main choices you have here are content size: little, typical, or vast.

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Image Generator Free has also paid version that will cost you only $1.99 that adds free version. This app is also available for apple devices, you can check out iOS version of this app from the link.

Meme Me

Meme Me begins you off in a home screen with big buttons, unlike other apps which begin you off review the rundown of pics. To navigate to view in Meme Me, you tap on “Pick Image.” You can likewise utilize a custom picture, go to the camera, take a gander at your top choices. Take a look at all your pics, or visit the settings. It’s sort of a strange framework to have every one of these choices on the home screen as opposed to in a choices catch.

Meme Me Best Meme Apps

Meme Me’s best feature is presumably the capacity to change content size, color, fringe color, outskirt size, and text style. That is to say, I don’t see that numerous Meme with complex hues or textual styles, yet in the event that that is your thing, Meme Me app will work for you. Both of the text entry fields are on top, which is decent. Advanced styling was evaded here for huge, basic buttons.

Here we have listed best android apps to create meme directly from an android smartphone. Do let us know if you are already using any of the above apps on your device.

Also, tell us which is your favorite meme generator app? Which meme generator app do you use on your device in the comment section below?

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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