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5 apps will change the way you use android

Almost 75% of the smartphone users use android, you might be one of them. But How you are different from then, How you are using your smartphone to increase your productivity.

Well in this article, I have mentioned 5 of my favorite apps which help me in doing more than just playing games or watching videos on youtube. Well, not making a boring conversation let me show you the list of 5 awesome apps which has helped me and will definitely help you to increase your daily productivity.

5 apps will change the way you use android

#1 Airdroid

Airdroid is an android application which allows your android device to have many features which nor devices doesn’t have. The free version of airdroid is good enough to a lot of things. You can connect your device with another smartphone and can control all the device. It can be extremely useful when it comes to pranking your friend.

Mazor Features:

  1. Notification Mirror
  2. Backup & Sync
  3. SMS & Contacts management
  4. AirIME
  5. Record screenshot
  6. Speed boost
  7. Other phone management features (Web client only)

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#2 Wifi Scanner

Have you ever asked your friend to disconnect his WiFi to get more speed and get your important work done? and he ended up telling he did, but he did not. Well, at

Well, with the help of wifi scanner you will be able to see how many people are connected to the network with which device. It also tells you the brand name of the device. Eg: Samsung, iPhone and it also give you the physical address and IP address assigned to their device.

Mazor Features:

  • Shows all the device connect to the same network
  • Shows The MAC(Physical Address) of every device

#3 Android Launcher

Android Launcher a kind of android applications which you can download and install on your phone. You might not be knowing that you can change the feel and look of your android device but you can. If you know already then, stick to the post I will be revealing one of my favorite launchers which are super easy to customize and make your device look super smart.

Mazor Features:

  • Changes the complete look of your android device

As I promised earlier, here is the launchers which I use to customize my android smartphone. Buzz launcher, Hola Launcher, and Nova Launcher.


#4 Fabulous: Motivate Me!

One of my favorite app for motivation and time management. Fabulous is a productivity app which increases your efficiency by reminding the work you do every day. if you are a person who forgets to go Gym or forgets to do some important work when you go market then I will highly recommend you to install this app. The best part of the app I love is, it is addressed. Yes, Even the app has many premium features it charges you nothing neither it shows any advertisement.

Download: Fabulous

Mazor Features:

  • Reminds your work
  • No Ads
  • Make you a productive person


#5 Forest: Stay focused

Do you have a problem of touching your phone again and again? I do understand the notification are so tempting that you take your phone and open it. But here is the app which will help you mentally to stop you touching the phone again and again. The app is called Forest. Wel this is also a free app which is available for free and available on various platforms.

This app plants a plant on your phone screen for 25 minutes. If you do not touch the phone in next 25 minutes the plant becomes a tree. If you interrupt the tree then it becomes a dead tree. Hence it gives you a feeling to save the tree by not touching the tree.

Download: Forest

Mazor Features:

  • Keeps you away from the device
  • Forms a Mental Boundary


I do understand forest might not be interring=ting for everyone but here is the bonus and I know you gonna love it.

This app is called rescue time. TO be frank, I have installed this on my laptop and it helps me to track the daily work and the websites I visit. It stores the data in its own server and enables you to see the past data.  What can be better than, Knowing how much time I spent the whole day? Rescue time will definitely help you.

Attention: It records the websites even when you visit a site in incognito mode. However, you can turn it off for 15 minutes of 1 hour.

Mazor Features:

  • Tells all the website you visit
  • Shows How much time you worked
  • Gives you an analytic report
  • Stores all the recorded information


WhatBestInIndia.com is product suggestion website, This site was started in early 2017 and has got many loyal customers to its service. However, this site is still under development but I saw many interesting things Top 10 best products and best things to buy in India, I felt they were quite useful when I consider saving money online.

Hope this article helped you to increase your productivity and gave you some useful information. If you know any other app you use for your productivity, I will encourage you to share below. We’d love to mention them for the awesome readers like you.

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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