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Best paid games for android phones

A lot of gaming craze is spreading day by day, there is a number of games available in the google that is really amazing. People have such a craze for people, so they can even spend their money on games. When we talk about the paid game then there is nothing much better than paid games.

There are lots of paid games available on google but in this article, we have posted some best paid games for Android that you can download for your Android device and enjoy the thrilling and adventures games. We have listed best-paid games for android that you really going to love.

Mountain Valley

Price: $3.99

Mountain Valley is a magnum opus. It uses iridescently outlined riddles that use geometric hallucinations that you should set out to get to the following level. The way these levels attach, turn, hurl, and mix all together to make these new shapes is truly something you need to see to genuinely be grateful for. That makes Monument Valley one of the must-have Android game. There is likewise a sort of account line about a princess in a dormant world. It’s not exorbitantly profound but rather it serves its goal to drive the game forward. It’s a ton of energy and regarded by numerous to be a standout amongst other games.

Download now from:
Google Play

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Price: $5.00

Last Fantasy Brave Exvius is maybe the best Final Fantasy-themed freemium game out there. It highlights huge amounts of components from the first games, including real town and cell investigations, shrouded treasures, mystery prisons, and huge amounts of legend. The gameplay is easy to learn however you’ll have to think fundamentally so as to beat supervisors and hard rivals. You’re much of the time compensated for signing in day by day and extra missions, journeys, and exercises help keep the diversion new. This is about at least somewhat great freemium titles. On the off chance that this one isn’t doing it for you, however, you adore Final Fantasy, you can likewise experiment with Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Record Keeper. They round out an exceptionally positive gathering of freemium diversions from the Final Fantasy establishment.

Download now from:
Google Play


Price: $4.99

Limbo hit the position organization when it was out in mid-2015 and it’s at this point a standout amongst the most preferred and tattled about the game of the year. We play as a child hunting down our sister in the unnerving, dull universe of Limbo. The foundation high contrast outline hysterics the vibe perfectly and this is effortlessly a standout amongst other planned game of 2015. The story is edified and the diversion play details are strong.

Download now from:
Google Play

Out There

Price: $3.99

Out There is a cross breed of a survival game and a sim diversion. It carries with it some extremely critical gameplay, Google plays recreations accomplishments, three unique endings, and a really particular and fun ground. You play as a space explorer who rouses from cryonics someplace significant in the giganticness of space. You need to persevere, keep your oxygen force up, and reproduce your ship while managing outsiders who don’t talk as you talk yet you, in the end, figure out how to talk as they do. It’s interesting, precarious, and a diversion that’ll keep you occupied for some time.

Download now from:
Google Play


SO, guys, hope you liked the article and you must try any one of these games they all are very awesome to play with the highest ranking. You can visit our homepage to getting an update about different games. Thank you for visiting our blog and you can ask your queries in the comment section given below in the article.

Mayur Sojitra
Mayur Sojitra is Tech geek and Full stack developer.


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