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Bonk Be Live has been creating buzz online since its recent release. Now the world’s top marketer and promoter, Greg Gifford, has joined hands under the contract ‘Imagically’ to bring at least 30 million new subscribers to the app with a budget of a whopping 1 million US Dollars. So are you wondering what makes the app worth such a kind of investment? Read on and see for yourself:

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What is Bonk Be Live?

Bonk Live Streaming Limited has come up with an all-new broadcasting app called Bonk Be Live for Android and Apple users. With the click on just one button, it allows you show yourself to millions of people all around the world. You can connect with new people, gain followers and become an online superstar yourself.

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The app is like nothing you’re used to – it’s a step above other streaming apps like Instagram and Facebook.  With easy navigation, powerful UI and a well-coded AR, Bonk Be Live is well on the road to becoming the top live streaming application in the world. Especially now that it is backed by the EVP of Corporate Development, Greg Gifford, who has unique advertising skill to help it reach new heights very soon.  If you haven’t installed it on your phone yet, you are depriving yourself of some really exciting and fun moments.

What makes Bonk Be Live unique?

Bonk Be Live is much better than any other broadcasting app. The dev team from Ukraine (IDAP Corporation) has carefully studied and analyzed each feature of their competitor’s apps and improved it to implement it into Bonk Be Live. Not only that, Bonk Be Live has some distinctive features of its own that give you an unmatched broadcasting experience.  Here are some differences that really make them stand out:

  • Bonk Be Live’s interface is more appealing and trendy to suit the likes of the present day youth.

  • 3D/2D gifts and in-app purchases are cheaper and better designed.
  • Users can play games to earn diamonds or coins to spend in-app.

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  • Since the app is AR integrated, it produces greater quality visuals and makes more quality content.
  • Bonk Be Live is a 2 in 1 app – it’s not just a broadcasting app, but also functions like a social media app allowing you to connect with friends, message them, share videos or music amongst other activities.

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  • Whether you are streaming live or in a group conversation, Bonk Be Live offers audio and video quality way better than its competitors.

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  • Bonk VIP gives you privileges that you cannot enjoy in other apps, like being able to block certain people out of your stream.

How is Bonk Be Live the perfect app for both Advertisers and broadcasters?

Bonk Be Live maintains a balance between advertisers and broadcasters. Every verified broadcaster canread or play advertisements during their live stream to earn money. For reading an advertisement of 30-60 seconds, a user can easily earn 50 USD. This can then be withdrawn to your PayPal account or bank.

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Bonk Be Live’s thus offers a unique advertising opportunity for brands. It is not just cost-effective for them, but also more productive in generating more leads. The advertiser gains crowds, and the broadcaster makes money. It is thus a win-win for both sides.

What’s new in Bonk Be Live?

Bonk Be Live is always bringing new updates to keep up with the needs of its users, and to make the app more interesting. Very soon, you will be seeing these features in Bonk Be Live’s new versions:

  • Invite friends directly to your video stream
  • Many new games to help users earn extra dough to spend on the app
  • Improved graphics and sound quality, and better AR features
  • Combining Facebook and YouTube with Bonk Be Live

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Bonk Be Live already has a huge number of users within less than a year and it is seeing thousands of new users every day. As marketing campaigns begin in full force, the app is definitely bound to gain much more popularity. Bonk Be Live is one of the best broadcasting app, live streaming and social media apps out there, and you should download it today

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