[PAID / FREE] Best offline android games

Best Offline Android Games

Everyone knows this very well that that playing games becomes of the most trending activity now a day. Every android users use to store different games on their android devices and as we all know that there are a lot of Android games available in the market and usually people always get confused that what … Read more

Android Architecture

Android Architecture

Android Architecture as shown in below image can be subdivided into five layers: The kernel and low level tools, native libraries, the Android Runtime, the framework layer and on top of all the applications. Green items are written in C/C++, blue items are written in Java and run in the Dalvik VM Following are the … Read more

Rise of Online Betting Apps for Android

Best Betting Apps for Android

Digital technology has become extraordinary now a day no matter in which terms you use it like entertainment as well as infotainment. Android phones today are not just used for calling anymore, but to play games, browsing, interact with social media websites and also for sports betting. See the statistics on the consumer mobile usage … Read more

Fastest way to try apps and games on Android devices

Google Instant Try Now Apps

This is the world of creation and every day we found something gets a change of getting advance and same like this recently Google play store has launched a new feature which is going to be so amazing and helpful as well. Recently Google Play Store has launched this new feature which is “Google Play … Read more

Top Cryptocurrency Price Tracker App


Hello, friends welcome to our blog in which we always use to get you relate to cryptocurrency and today we have got something new for you which is “Cryptocurrency Price Tracker App”. There are the lot of applications that you will get to price tracker app for your Android as we all as IOS device. … Read more

Send the short video message with Google Duo

Google Duo Video Calling App

Hello, readers, we can guess that till the date you all are much known with the video calling app Google Duo. Google duo is one of the most rated video calling apps in Google Play store authorized by the Google. Google Duo has the most number of downloads on Play Store instead of any other … Read more

Best Football Games For Android

Best Football Games for Android

Do you love to play football games? Or finding the best football games for android then you are on a correct place because here in this article we are going to compile a list of best football games for Android which you will definitely go to like. We know that there are a lot of … Read more