Choose Antivirus for Your Android: 5 Popular Antivirus

It is fun being able to add security to your Android because it makes you presume you have important information on there. Most people are just sad to lose their photos and phone numbers, but that sort of thing can happen if your phone is left in the rain. Still, if there are threats for your Android then it is better to prepare for them. Here are 5 popular antivirus programs for the Android.

Choose Antivirus for Your Android: 5 Popular Antivirus

Lookout Security & Antivirus

This one has been around for quite a while, which is one of the reasons it has pie eyed friendly fans ranting about it online because they think it is the best thing since someone decided to put jam on a slice of bread. With this tool you get a free version and a paid version. The paid version has extras such as helping you find your phone if it is lost, and the paid version happily tells you if you have a virus but then spends the rest of its time laughing at you because of it and shaking its “pay to remove” knickers at you.

They have a paid version alarm which is supposed to go off if you tell it to, ideally in the arms of the robber who took your phone, and there are things such as privacy reports you may want to try. It does scan for and remove viruses and help to protect against hackers. You will find it easy enough to use because it doesn’t seem to do much. It is lacking an abundance of bells and whistles (extra stuff).
Lookout Security & Antivirus Lookout Security
Lookout  Security
Gratis   star on dark img Lookout Security & Antivirusstar on dark img Lookout Security & Antivirusstar on dark img Lookout Security & Antivirusstar on dark img Lookout Security & Antivirusstar on dark img Lookout Security & Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus Free app

This is a free app that has been running for a long time, and every now and again will come out with a big bold claim that is supposed to knock the socks off of the online community. That is why there are a lot of congenital idiots walking around with cold feet. But, it is a free program that adds security. An Android with the program is better than one without, so on that merit you may want to give this app a go.

VIRUSfighter Antivirus

This is a program that will help you detect and remove viruses. It has a free version for people who have nothing to lose on their Android, and a paid version for people who have naked pictures on their Android. With the free version you get the fun stuff such as scanning for threats, scheduling and such. With the paid version you get to have a few of your threats removed and it does a little better in trying to protect you from physical/local threats as well as online ones.

Avast! Mobile Security

This is a free app which is never a good sign, but one has to assume that somebody out there is kind and yet dumb enough to spend hours of productive time making something to then give it away. Free things always suggest that maintenance is an issue, therefore there will be none. But still, nobody is asking you to get into bed with Avast. You can use it until people start complaining about it, just like using a hair dresser up until the point people start laughing at your head in the street.

Avast does what most other security apps do, and there is an argument to be made about the fact that even if an app is free, it is still adding layers of security that stops viruses and hackers getting in. In that sense, even if you were using bales of hay piled against your house in order to stop burglars, you have to admit that it is at least going to slow them down a little unless the robber is a hungry horse.

avast! Mobile Security avast! Mobile Security
AVAST Software
Gratis   star on dark img avast! Mobile Securitystar on dark img avast! Mobile Securitystar on dark img avast! Mobile Securitystar on dark img avast! Mobile Securitystar on dark img avast! Mobile Security

360 Mobile Security

This is one of those annoying antivirus programs that is very lightweight and yet very good at picking up on viruses. It is as if the other programs are padding their routines and this one just slides in and picks out the nasties without fuss or mess. It picks up on viruses very well and it is free. It makes you wonder what the other programs are doing if this can pick up on most viruses without having to bulk up the program and they can afford to give it away free.

It makes you wonder if the company is not actually the one creating all the viruses so they can claim they have a very high detection and removal rating. It is streamlined and you can scan in real time.
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How to download Android paid apps for free

There are quite a few ways to download android paid apps for free, and many of the methods you probably know about but have not thought of. Downloading paid apps for free means downloading and using apps that you should normally pay for but being able to use and download them for free. The method you use to get your apps is up to you. This article shows you a few ways to get paid apps for free but is not suggesting you use any of them--it merely points out a few of your options.

download Android paid apps for free

Apps for free apps

There are apps out there that collect up other paid apps so that you may use them for free. There is a website and was an app called Applanet, but do not download it because it has bugs and is probably corrupt by now. This was an app that collected up paid apps to give them away for free, and if you can find a similar app then you may be in luck.
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Google Play run offers and change prices

Every now and again an app price will come down or disappear in some sort of sales event or the prices change for an app. Quite often a free app will suddenly have a price attached after the creators discover people are downloading it in their thousands. There are rarer times when a price will go down to zero for a few months and then shoot back up again later.

Google Play apps with adverts

There is a common option where you may have a paid app for free if you are willing to put up with adverts on it. If you are willing to put up with lots of adverts on your app then you can try this method for free paid apps.
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Apps with free trials

If you can find an app with a free trial option then there is nothing stopping you from trying it. You do not have to buy or spend any money if you do not want, and if you do not trust the app producers then simply do not give them your bank details when you sign up.

Independent websites

There are independent websites that are willing to give away their paid apps in competitions or in limited time offers. You run a risk when you download from independent websites as they have very little guiding them when it comes to ethics and app quality, but not all app developers are bad.

App directories on websites

There are websites that host a batch of paid apps that they give away for free. You do have to be careful about downloading from them as there are often viruses and malware programs on their directories, but if you are lucky you may be able to snag a paid app for free.

File Sharing Sites

Is it naughty or not? Some say it is stealing and other say it is a fair distribution system in a world where you don’t know until you are burned. When it comes to apps people are angry about the fact that you can look up reviews for an app and they are come out good so you buy the app only to discover that the reviews were paid for by the app company and the app is actually terrible. This happens to a massive degree along with false advertising that goes unpunished every day.

With file sharing sites you are able to download paid apps, see if they are any good and then delete them without being burned by paying for something that is terrible. If all app websites allowed people to have free trials with apps then people being cheated by fake reviews and false advertising would not be a problem and file sharing sites could go back to being tools for use amongst friends or tools for people wanting to spread their own content through the Internet.

Black Market apps on the Android

These exist but you are going to discover they are hard to find. Google does not tend to allow people the affiliate advertise that sort of thing and often has such sites blocked. Google Play will not put them on their website either because they are undermining the point of their website. There are people who do not want you to use black market apps (such as BlackMart Alpha) and are going to put virus filled or fake versions on the Internet for unsuspecting people to download so consider yourself fairly warned.
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6 Best File Management Applications for Android Smartphones

People uses file management applications on their Android so that they can keep track of things whilst they are out and about. It means they have less work to do when they get home. There are plenty of file management apps for the Android so here are a few good ones you can try. Each on the list is so different that the list is not in any sort of order or rank.

File Management Applications

Root Explorer

As far as one can tell, you need your phone to be rooted to use this app. This is because it is able to peer into your root files and will help you move and organize them as well as allowing you the same for your current files. If you cannot get the app to work on your phone then you have 24 hours to send it back. It works with a few of the cloud services and allows you to play with your files on a more fundamental level whilst also offering tools to help you manipulate and sort your files.

Android File Manager

This is a file management app that has a plugin to allow you to see different files such as image and HTML files. It has a home screen widget that gives you file stats and batter status alerts. There are lots of settings you can play with, including allowing you to set your location, your Bluetooth, backgrounds, etc.

There is also a data section where you can check your system information such as seeing how much RAM is being used or how much memory you have both internally and externally. It also has all the usual functions such as letting you compress files, move them, delete them, copy them, etc. This app is currently very highly rated and very popular, especially on Google Play where it has over 6000 five star ratings.

File expert with clouds

This is mildly impressive app for the fact that it has 49,000 positive reviews in the Google Play website and they are just the five star reviews. It is a management app that allows you to organize you Phone, tablet, PC and the files on your cloud server. It has a very simple interface that is easy to learn and many people will not need to read the instructions. It helps you find and move files easily and there is very little limit to the types of files you may access with this app. It has a fast downloader that has a resume button so you need not download your files in one unbroken session.

Astro File Manager with Cloud

This is a fast app that is very popular. It is nicely designed and owes its speed to its swift indexing system which is supposed to help you find your files faster as it is likely that you have a lot of them. You can use it offline or online and it synchronizes with any other devices you have connected to the app.

Dual File Manager XT

This is a well designed app that may seem a little cluttered to some, but if you have grown tired of the stale and the boring file managers then this is just what you need. It is free and works on most of the Android versions. It does not have lots of functions but has enough to keep you interested and to do its job so that you may organize your files.

ES File Explorer

This is a very popular app with almost half a million positive five star reviews on the Google Play website. It is a file manager that is full of a wide range of features and is the most popular app on this article with over 300 million global downloads. There is a remote app manager and it has built in RAR and ZIP reports. You may categorize your files so they are easy to find and you may use the auto-start tools and cache cleaning tools too. It works with most of the more popular cloud services too.
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Clashot App Earn Money Easily by Click Photos

The photography aptitudes have earned a lot of cash to the experts assuming that they're okay at what they think they're doing. The picture takers can earn money easily for their accumulation by offering some of their brilliant work to the press media, web media and others.
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Now, let’s have a look at some of the in-app screenshots
Clashot Earn Money EasilyClashot Earn Money EasilyClashot Earn Money Easily

Clashot’s mission is to give the work of ordinary people visibility in the marketplace, and attract customers who are ready to pay for these photographs. Your photos shouldn’t be buried in the feeds of social networks; they must be readily available for purchase. We believe in motivating people financially to produce their creative works; they should know that even a casual photo can have value.
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Clashot is a project of one of the world’s leading photobanks, Depositphotos. With our experience and resources, we’ll do our best to find buyers for your mobile photos. You will get decent royalties for every purchase of your works!

Clashot Clashot
Clashot Inc.
   star on dark img Clashotstar on dark img Clashotstar on dark img Clashotstar on dark img Clashotstar off dark img Clashot
Clashot on Google play

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How to Record Phone Calls on Android Devices?

A good number of Android users out there must be wondering as to how they can go ahead and record phone calls on their Android device. The bad news here is that Android devices do not necessarily come complete with an in-built feature, which assists in phone call recording. However, you need not lose hopes. One look into the Google Play Store and you are sure to have a rendezvous with a number of apps that are believed to play a major role in recording phone calls on your Android device. Let us now have a look at some of the top phone call recording apps for Android.
Record Phone Calls on Android Devices
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Automatic Call Recorder

Next up in the category of performance oriented Android apps as far as phone call recording is concerned is undoubtedly the Automatic Call Recorder app. This particular app offers you complete liberty with respect to phone call recording. Once a phone call is recorded you can further exert control on this app and choose to save any of the recorded items as per your liking and requirement in particular. Apart from this, if you were to download the Automatic Call Recorder app, then in that case you can easily select the phone calls that you desire record and the ones that you are looking forward to turn your back on. Similarly, you can also make use of this app in order to listen and relisten the records items as and when you want to do so. With Automatic Call Recorder you can also add notes to your recording and eventually share recorded items with your family and peers.
Automatic Call Recorder Auto. Call Recorder
Appstar Solutions
   star on dark img Automatic Call Recorderstar on dark img Automatic Call Recorderstar on dark img Automatic Call Recorderstar on dark img Automatic Call Recorderstar off dark img Automatic Call Recorder

Call Recorder

One of the Android apps that tends to rightly top the list of being one of the finest phone call recording apps for Android is none other than the Call Recorder app. On an overall level, this particular app is known to be recognized as one of the simplest apps available in the phone call recording arena. The best part about this app is that you can record any and every call that you receive or make using your Android phone. If you do not want to manually control the functioning of the Call Recorder app, then in that case you can simply set the automatic settings into action. This particular app is known to go that extra mile and help you lock recorded items solely with the purpose of preventing auto cleaning. Similarly, you can delete one or more recorded items any time as per your wish.
Call Recorder Call Recorder
Clever Mobile
   star on dark img Call Recorderstar on dark img Call Recorderstar on dark img Call Recorderstar on dark img Call Recorderstar off dark img Call Recorder


Discussions on better than the best apps for phone call recording on Android is sure to make us stumble on the RMC app. The RMC App is popularly known as the Record My Call App. In order to run the RMC app, you need to necessarily have an Android 2.1 or higher version in place. The cherry on the cake as far as this Android phone recording app is that it can be installed and downloaded by you absolutely free of cost. Moreover, with this particular app you can record all calls in general, incoming as well as outgoing calls included. Any and every phone call that you happen to record with this app goes straight away to your Memory Card and gets stored in there. Two other outstanding add ons known to be associated with the Record My Call app is the dropbox sync as well as Google Drive sync alternatives.
RMC: Android Call Recorder RMC
Nathaniel Kh
   star on dark img RMC: Android Call Recorderstar on dark img RMC: Android Call Recorderstar on dark img RMC: Android Call Recorderstar on dark img RMC: Android Call Recorderstar off dark img RMC: Android Call Recorder

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